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'Sports Roundup' Covers Horace Greeley Sports Independently
8 months ago
For several years now, Horace Greeley High School has been putting out a school newspaper called Sports Roundup. The homespun magazine allows students to merge their passions for professional sports, ...
Andrew Zaccagnino Wins Heart of a Giant Award
9 months ago
A sport like football hinges on teamwork, dedication, and sacrifice. So if a head coach cannot get this message across, the Xs and Os will never jump off the page. 22 football players will be left adr...
Somers Alumni Seek Name Change at Athletic Field in Honor of First High School Football Coach
9 months ago
The modern sports complex at Somers High School in Somers, New York dwarves the memory of the simple football field that once prevailed. Regardless of the evolution, a movement has begun among alumni ...
Amanda Gisonni Strikes Out but Will Always Be a Hit with Me
9 months ago
Me and my brother-in-law got into the car in Monmouth, New Jersey last week, and it took about an hour for either of us to utter a word. My niece had just made her first start for the University of Pe...
Andrew and Matt Groll Compete and Byram Hills Wins
9 months ago
Long before Andrew and Matt Groll became Byram Hills’ twin towers on the basketball court, they played one on one in the driveway after school every day. The elder Groll describes the daily dates as g...
43 Years at the Center of Somers Slow Pitch Softball
9 months ago
Almost 40 years ago this summer, a Harlem Globetrotter-like six-man all-star team of windmill softball players arrived to entertain a packed park of Somers Residents. The idea was also to drub whoever...