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Fox Lane Sports Moments to Remember
4 months ago
Here's a look back at some great Fox Lane Sports moments.
Slow Pitch Softball Cliches Fast Approaching Their Expiration Date
4 months ago
I thought it would be cool to take a look back at the first article I ever had published. References are a bit dated but the content still works. I've been playing softball in leagues for 20 years, an...
Part I: Armonk Stories from Around Town
5 months ago
Here’s a first look back at 2014, 2015 and 2016 stories from around Armonk.
The Lewisboro Lightning Never Quit as Their Three Year Journey Ends
5 months ago
In baseball when you start slow, a cold, wet spring always stands at the ready as an explanation. Whether the team will warm with the calendar certainly remains a question. But the uncertainty didn’t ...
Football for a Buck Reveals the USFL and Its Crazy Rise and Fall
6 months ago
When the USFL hit the scene, the idea of spring football was pretty intriguing. The new league then signed Herschel Walker and notice was demanded. I probably tuned in and likely didn’t last more than...
Part III: My Most Memorable New York Sports Minutes
6 months ago
The 1976 Word Series was humbling for Yankee fans. Putting up a crooked number would have been much appreciated, but a sweep was pretty startling after the game five heroics. So, when the Yankees sign...