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OFF THE WALL9 minutes ago
Random Testing?... Or Relentless Pressing
If you didn’t already know, the NFL conducts drug tests to ensure that their players are sticking to the guidelines in their contract. The NFL Player Contract prohibits any players from using drugs that will enhance or modify their performance. To keep everything just, these tests are done at random and can be applied to any given player. However, these tests don’t seem too just to Eric Reid, Carolina Panthers Defensive Safety. Reid has been selected for random drug testing for the seventh time ...
Ryan Mccombs2 days ago
What Happened to the Cowboys in Indianapolis?
The Cowboys essentially clinched the NFC East last week against the Eagles, and they played like it against the Colts. The Cowboys were shutout for the first time since 2003, and the defense had its w...
Michael Reynoso2 days ago
WWE TLC Review: Asuka Becomes New Smackdown Women's Champion in Historic TLC Match
Christmas came early, folks! We had ourselves an awesome pay-per-view at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA, and Asuka is the new Smackdown Women's Champion!! For those of you who watched the show, we wit...
'00-01 Lakers vs. '18-19 Warriors
Everybody knows that this years’ Warriors are a complete powerhouse. They’re on their way to win their third championship in a row. But that has led to recent talks about whether the Lakers of the ear...
Alicia Springer3 days ago
The 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards
The best guards know that their pair of basketball shoes is more than just another piece of equipment. They need a secure fit and impact protection that will help them as they move the ball up and dow...
Timothy Kohut4 days ago
The 10 Best Basketball Shoes in 2018
Becoming a menace on the court is certainly no trivial task. It takes countless hours of hard work, dedication to your craft, and an incredible attention to detail to develop into an above-average bas...
WatchMojo 5 days ago
Top 10 Best WWE Ladder Matches
It’s time to bring out the hardware. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down the top 10 WWE wrestling ladder matches. For this list, we are only counting strictly ladder matches, so n...
Hayden Fisher5 days ago
The Amazing Journey of Alabama Quarterback Jalen Hurts
Jalen Hurts has been one of the most talked about backup quarterbacks in college football this season. With a resume like his, it makes perfect sense. He is a former champion on arguably the best team...
William Ricks6 days ago
The Toronto Raptors Should Be the Team to Beat in the NBA
The Toronto Raptors were slated to be a playoff team this season, but nobody expected them to become this good, this early. The Raptors are a team that looks unstoppable, as they have the best record in the NBA and are looking like the team to beat in the NBA. After what many consider a drama-filled offseason, the Raptors have seemed to leave all that behind and focus solely on basketball.