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Part III: My Most Memorable New York Sports Minutes
4 days ago
The 1976 Word Series was humbling for Yankee fans. Putting up a crooked number would have been much appreciated, but a sweep was pretty startling after the game five heroics. So, when the Yankees sign...
Part II: My Most Memorable New York Sports Minutes
10 days ago
When something occurs before you were born or in infancy, it seems like ancient history. So while 12 years absence from post season play isn’t really extreme, the drought seemed like an eternity to me...
Part I: My Five Most Memorable New York Sports Minutes
14 days ago
Here’s part one of My Five Most Memorable New York Sports Minutes. Like it’s evil stepsister, my cherished moments came when I was younger, and for me, winning the title has always been anti-climatic ...
Jeff Pearlman Comes Home to Discusses His Book and the Life of Walter Payton
2 months ago
Author Jeff Pearlman recently came back to his hometown of Mahopac, New York to discuss his most recent book Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton. At the Mahopac Library, before an audience ...
Wladimir Klitschko Leaves Nothing to Chance by Preparing 100%
3 months ago
Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko was born in the Ukraine to a military father and spent much of his childhood moving around. The life on the run included the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Kazak...
Author Recalls Mt Vernon’s 1959 High School Championship Baseball Team and Season
4 months ago
Without a cloud in the sky, a spring day always begs for baseball. In one similar pristine moment for a Mt Vernon graduate of the late 50s, the High School Sectional Championship is on the line. The n...