Owen McGrattan

Writer @ The Unbalanced (@ItheunbalancedI). Fan of all things baseball, especially the Giants. 

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Rethinking Hitter's Counts, Continued
2 years ago
Last time around, I wrote about the general tendency of pitchers to throw more and more fastballs as they fell down in the count despite the fact that they can throw offspeed pitches for strikes nearl...
Is It Time to Rethink Hitter's Counts?
2 years ago
Hitters have always lived by the idea that they will try and work the count in their favor to not only get closer to a walk, but to force the pitcher to be more predictable. Limit the pitcher down to ...
Ken Giles Is Losing It
2 years ago
If you're an Astros fan, odds are Ken Giles nearly put you into a coma or gave you a heart attack during Game 2 on Wednesday night. Regardless, everything worked out for Houston in the end, and the As...
How the Dodgers Can Try and Neutralize Houston's Offense
2 years ago
The Astros have one of the best offenses we've seen in a while. As a team, their 121 wRC+ is the fourth highest all-time for any team since 1900. Shutting down their bats is no easy task. They have th...
Justin Turner: Postseason Great
2 years ago
The Dodgers are going to the World Series for the first time since 1988. It's remarkable how potent their offense has been, or rather how good Justin Turner has been in the absence of Corey Seager in ...
Dusty Baker: Forever Cursed
2 years ago
The Nationals lost one of the most gut-wrenching games in recent playoff history (or at least it must feel that way). In what was becoming something to celebrate after another miraculous Michael A. Ta...