Naz Kadri

 Free Lance Pro Wrestling Analyst  Also, pro wrestling/sports entertainment enthusiast for over 30 years. With a few years experience in  the local independent wrestling scene.

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WWE RECENT NEWS: Tribute to "The Man They Call Vader"
a year ago
First and foremost, I want to take some time to write about a tragic loss that affected the entire WWE Universe, the WWE Staff, and anyone who had the pleasure of working with such a great man. Leon W...
WWE News: What’s Next for Dean Ambrose?
a year ago
Dean Ambrose is one of the most unpredictable and versatile characters in the WWE. He has the ability to be a star in everything from the Intercontinental scene to the World or Universal Championship ...
WWE News: Daniel Bryan Requesting "Reasonable Creative Control" In New Contract Agreement
a year ago
Back in the WCW/NWO and WWE (WWF) days, there were way too many hands involved in writing and booking. A lot of which were the wrestlers, all looking out for their own interests. Hulk Hogan, would str...
WWE News; Is the Return of Bobby Lashley Being Mishandled?
a year ago
Nothing is worse than going to a comedy club and seeing someone bomb their set. Getting nothing but awkward silences and the ominous blank stare from their crowd is any performer's worst fear. This on...
WWE News
a year ago
Having both headlined Wrestlemania together since 2015, fans are losing interest in the idea that Reigns will eventually become champion. After it not happening at Wrestlemania 34, in a rushed, last m...