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Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
2 days ago
Modern science has brought along many wondrous advancements that help us along, but those advancements have also smuggled in with it some serious ethical conundrums. One of those problems is chemical ...
The Thug Mentality
9 days ago
There’s a rot that exists inside the culture of hockey that is a top-down type of disease. This malady can be easily understood as the Thug Mentality. It starts with the likes of Don Cherry, currently...
Grand Designs Podcast—Episode 7—Equality in Sports
16 days ago
Lately, the buzzword has been equality. The debate has ramifications well beyond just sports. For example, equal pay for women to that of what men make. In sports, it’s about equality of transgendered...
Grand Designs Podcast—Episode 6—The Seismic Impact of Paying College Athletes to Play Sports
21 days ago
Paying college athletes will have a seismic impact and leave behind many aftershocks to reverberate throughout the whole of college academic life. No longer will academics be the focus of college spor...