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Is Tyreek Hill Fit to Play in the NFL?
11 days ago
Repeat offender (at least to this writer’s principles) Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs from the NFL has shown that it depends on the character of the person if second chances are worthy or will ...
Sports Apologies
23 days ago
Sports athletes are human and the teams they play for are made up of humans. When they err, as humans will do occasionally, to whom do they owe an apology to? Do they owe and apology at all? Since the...
Fan Behavior in Sports
a month ago
Something has happened to sports fans. No longer is it acceptable to local fans, for anyone, whether resident or visitor, to cheer on an opposing team, and woe to thee who wears the opponent’s jersey....
Is It Ever Too Much?
2 months ago
With the announcement that Mike Trout was signing a $426 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball, an unintended firestorm was set off. Local and national sports radio hos...
Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
2 months ago
Modern science has brought along many wondrous advancements that help us along, but those advancements have also smuggled in with it some serious ethical conundrums. One of those problems is chemical ...
The Thug Mentality
2 months ago
There’s a rot that exists inside the culture of hockey that is a top-down type of disease. This malady can be easily understood as the Thug Mentality. It starts with the likes of Don Cherry, currently...