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Week 17 Picks Against the Spread

The Finale of the Regular Season

This guy - I like what this guy is all about.

We are here, week 17 of the NFL season, the regular season finale.  I can not believe we are here at this point.  Christmas has come and passed, New Years is next week, and my trip to Miami is coming closer (Yeah buddy.  Time to hopefully cook outside a bit and get my color back.).  I say it almost every time I write this column; time needs to chill the fuck out a bit and stop moving so fast.  But anyway the NFL's regular season is wrapping up and there are still plenty of things to sort out regarding the playoff picture.

Let's start with the AFC.  Kansas City still holds the #1 seed but if they lose and the Chargers win, they drop the the 5 seed.  The Patriots and the Texans are battling for the second first round bye.  The 6 seed is still up for grabs where the Colts and the Titans will basically play a play in game for the right to go to the playoffs.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are still alive in the AFC North race and need to win or have the Ravens lose to win their division.  They can also grab the 6 seed if the Colts and Titans tie and they win.

Now in the NFC where things are a little more clear at the moment.  The only intrigue left is who is going to be the #2 seed and get the first round bye (Rams win and they are it.  If they lose and the Bears win, the Bears can jump them for a the bye.) and who will be the #6 seed with Minnesota and Philly still alive.  So there is a lot to keep your eye on this weekend when it comes to the NFL.  On a personal note, after a 3 week struggle, I was back to my winning ways last week with a 3-1-1 week but it was a struggle to get there (Bengals covering by the hook.  Unreal.) so let's keep that type of momentum going and finish the regular season on a high note.  Without further ado, here are the picks for week 17:

  1. Browns +6 against the Ravens:  The Browns may be the hottest team in the league right now.  Let that sink in.  The Cleveland Browns may be the hottest team in the NFL going into week 17.  Now they can't make the playoffs this year but they have a chance to finish the year above .500 which is crazy.  Baker Mayfield has been great and I love everything about his attitude and how he plays and media old asses like Colin Cowherd (who I respect a lot for the most part) are so wrong about him.  The Ravens need this win but I think it's going to be a close battle and the Browns can absolutely win this game.
  2. Bears +4 against the Vikings:  The Bears don't have as much to play for as the Vikings but they do have some incentive.  Also, Kirk Cousins' record against good teams is very, very bad.  I like the Bears here even if it's a road game.
  3. Eagles -6.5 against the Redskins:  If the Browns aren't the hottest team in football right now, well it's the Eagles.  This Nick Foles thing is definitely not a fluke at this point.  The Eagles are frightening right now and I really don't think any NFC team wants to see them at the moment.  And the Redskins, well they are a dumpster fire.
  4. Jets +13.5 against the Patriots:  Are the Jets going to win this game?  No, no they won't.  The Pats need to lock up the 2 seed.  But have you seen the Pats offense of late?  Not very good and definitely not explosive.  Sam Darnold, who I have ragged on a lot, has been excellent as of late and I think he can put up points this week.  I think the Pats do just enough to win but give me the points.
  5. Texans -6.5 against the Jaguars:  The Jags burned me last week.  Blake Bortles is back for Jacksonville and even if he's not good, he is still better than Cody Kessler.  The Texans have what to play for and need to take care of business and I think they do so.

Good luck to all the bettors out there and expect more NBA writing from me going forward and as always, if you haven't done so yet (what the hell are you waiting for?!!!!) subscribe to the podcast—the link is below.

Last Week: 3-1-1

Season Record: 42-36-3