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Huge NBA (more importantly LeBron) fan, love writing about things happening around the league. 

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The Fresh Prince
10 months ago
I looked up the number of players who have worn the number 25 in the NBA. It seemed to be a fairly obscure number; the lone people I could think to sport the number were Ben Simmons and Derrick Rose. ...
The People's Champ
10 months ago
Let me be clear: I believe Ben Simmons was the best rookie (yes, he was a rookie; this is not up for debate) and deserved to win the Rookie of the Year award. However, Donovan Mitchell came out of now...
Slow Your Rolls...
10 months ago
In the doldrums of summer and the NBA offseason, I find myself on YouTube a lot, often watching basketball or NBA 2K videos. One of my favourite shows to watch is First Take, as I enjoy hearing Stephe...
Ballin' Out?
10 months ago
When I first heard about Lonzo Ball, it was December 2016. I was on YouTube, scrolling through my subscribed videos for something interesting. I came up on Mike Korzemba's video titled, "Meet Lonzo Ba...
What's the Big Idea?
a year ago
July 2, 2018. I was sitting in my friend’s living room, watching Marlon! on Netflix (funny stuff, by the way). I was minding my own business, merely being entertained by the hilarity and/or stupidity ...