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WWE News: What’s Next for Dean Ambrose?

The WWE Fan Favorite Dean Ambrose and his place in the mix when he returns is up for discussion. Where will he fit when he finally makes his long awaited return?

Dean Ambrose is one of the most unpredictable and versatile characters in the WWE. He has the ability to be a star in everything from the Intercontinental scene to the World or Universal Championship scene.   

Not enough can be said about the possibilities of the Dean Ambrose character. On top of all that, his in ring work is top notch. As everyone knows, Ambrose is out of action with a torn tricep. Still in rehab, it still seems unclear when the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose will make his long awaited return. One can only speculate when this will happen. Regarding his placement upon return, many possibilities arise. Creatively, the WWE can really capitalize on his return, if his return is handled well. Personally, I feel Ambrose has been under-utilized. He portrays a character that has so many levels. He is everything from a sadistic, and downright crazy, "take no prisoners" fighter, to a man with a comedic side to him. Also, his real life significant other, WWE reporter Renee Young, can help stir up countless angles and story lines. I can see so much potential with the complexity of his character. 

Where he ends up being placed still seems so up in the air. Many of the backstage officials have described Ambrose as "complacent," in his past run with the company. I firmly believe this lengthy absence is arguably a great kickstart for his career. Critics, officials, and the WWE Creative Team feel his return will start red hot and he will hit the ground running, so to say.  So expect a huge push and an even bigger ovation upon his long-awaited return. 

During his last run, the Dean Ambrose story slowed down substantially for the Former WWE Champion. We saw him in opening matches, to even PPV Kick Off Shows, not even performing on the main card. Sure, he had a Tag Team Championship run with The Architect Seth Rollins; however, some could say that Rollins was the more popular of the two. Now more than ever. Seth Rollins has headlined Monday Nights in an open challenge for his Intercontinental Title.   This run for Seth is steering him to higher ground, and well deserved ground. not to mention. Now that the WWE Universe has not seen The Lunatic in quite some time, people are starting to really anticipate his return.   

One angle I would like to see is Dean Ambrose return and feud with Seth Rollins. This would allow Dean to really show his worth on Monday Nights as a top heel to counter the top baby face, being Rollins. Once that feud is over and Ambrose is elevated to a higher level, that will allow Seth to go on to maybe bigger things in the Lesnar/Reigns/Universal Title story, which I think still needs some closure. There was no concrete finish to that story. As long as Lesnar is carrying a title that not only he technically lost, but a title he rarely defends, the WWE fans will anticipate some type of resolution. 

Feuds between the former Sheild members have happened before. If all three members—Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins—went separate ways, and all worked in feuds with different performers, this can elevate the level of all they work with. The Shield members are such big stars that they need to work less with one another and more with up and coming talent. Guys like Elias, Bobby Roode, Big Cass (who needs some kind of character fine tuning in my opinion), Braun Strowman, and Finn Balor all deserve a chance to work with the top card guys to help their character and their status in the company. Mainly, Braun Strowman, and Finn Balor. Elias is almost there. There is a ton of talent that, with the proper adjustments, can really carry a story line. 

Although, it is reported that Dean will remain on Raw. The other option is he returns to Smackdown Live.  This opens up feuds with big names such as AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Daniel Bryan, and even The Miz.    Personally I would like to see Dean and the Miz work a feud,  incorporating their real life off screen wives, Renee Young, and Myrese.  This feud could get personal. Even do some gimmick matches like street fights, etc. Something the WWE Universe has not seen in a long time.  Destroying each-other's cars or limos, or some sort of stunts against each other. Maybe Dean could drive a beer truck to the arena and soak The Miz in beer during MizTV?? Wait, someone had that idea already! You get the picture though. That feud could be very entertaining.     

A feud with AJ Styles can only heighten anyone's career. Arguably, the best wrestler in the game today. The Phenomenal One could put on a match with a broom stick and make that broomstick look like a million bucks.  Styles is one of the best ever. That is a fact. The physicality of a feud with Ambrose VS Styles is easily Pay Per View material. Heel or Face, this match would be worth watching. 

Almost the same can be said about Daniel Bryan. Dean going heel and picking on and bullying Bryan and really playing the bully vs underdog angle always gets fans cheering "YES! YES! YES!"  in support of the leader of the Yes Movement. Both competitors have a fast paced style that would keep fans entertained and wanting more. I for one would love to see a 20-30 minute match ending a long feud built up over weeks between these two. 

Dean Ambrose returning and calling out The Undertaker...now that would be awesome. Undertaker has seemingly come back from retirement, much to my surprise. Turns out he is actually doing very well, physically, for a 53-year-old phenom. This, I believe, is probably the best bet for the WWE.  It does not affect any real story lines, and it allows fans to look at Ambrose as a top performer.  Returning as a heel and maybe even beating the Undertaker would legitimize his position in the Universal Title Story.    A lengthy feud with the Undertaker, interrupting each other's matches costing each other big wins/title opportunities like classic feuds go would be great. Culminating in Hell In A Cell would be amazing. If that was to happen, the post Hell In A Cell Ambrose would definitely be in the running for a top heel. The sadistic character that the Lunatic Fringe can portray needs to be really played with and see how much the envelope can be pushed. Dean Ambrose has a very "Attitude Era" swagger about him. I firmly believe, that, if capitalized, he could be a MAJOR contender and even a top heel in the WWE. 

It still seems he will be out for a few more months though, so one can only wait and anticipate his return.     

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Naz Kadri
Naz Kadri

 Free Lance Pro Wrestling Analyst  Also, pro wrestling/sports entertainment enthusiast for over 30 years. With a few years experience in  the local independent wrestling scene.

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