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WWE Congratulates Mayor Kane

Kane becomes only the second wrestler to take up public office.

Kane. Picture - Jacobs for Mayor

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has commended Kane on being elected the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

Glenn Thomas Jacobs is referred to as Kane—the big rest monster on WWE television and his career spun over two decades.

CNN reported that Kane roundly defeated his opponent, Linda Haney, tallying twice as many votes—51,804 to Haney's 26,224.

WWE posted a message on their official website congratulating their long-term employee.

“According to WATE.com in Knoxville, Kane has been elected Mayor of Knox County, Tenn., tonight, capping a path to the office that began over a year ago for the former WWE Champion. Kane came away with a strong political victory following a narrow victory in the primary election two months ago. Congratulations to Kane on his election,” a statement on the WWE website stated.

WWE: Kane Elected Mayor of Knox County, Tenn.

Other WWE wrestlers were quick to share their thoughts on Twitter.

Wrestler Matt Hardy, who made his return to WWE just last year, in his tweet congratulated Kane and said that he was sure that the big red monster would claim victory.

Below is Hardy’s tweet


Dustin Rhodes, who has adopted the stage name Gold Dust, stated in his tweet that he was proud of Kane’s achievement and believes he would be one of the best to have been elected.


Kane on his official campaign website had stated that he was focused on delivering results for the Knox Country citizens. He said that his target was: commitment to keeping lower taxes, a renewed focus on the quality of education, continue work to create safer communities to attract new jobs to the area, improve our roads and infrastructure, and full and absolute transparency. For more information: Jacobs for Mayor

Kane in a media statement said he was ready to lead Knox Country in a positive direction.

"The thing someone like me brings to a race like this is, because of who I am, I can put Knox County in a positive light, nationally," he told local news station WBIR. "There are so many great things our county has to offer, and frankly the rest of the country needs to know about it."

Kane recently made a brief appearance on WWE television, teaming up with wrestler Daniel Bryan during the Extreme Rules PPV to battle for the Smackdown Live Tag team championship against the side of Bludgeon Brothers last month.

Earlier this year he faced WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman at the Royal Rumble PPV event.

Kane in his career has held the WWF, ECW and WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the past. He also is a 12-time world tag team champion having won the WWF, WWE, WCW championship in his career which took a huge turn when he adopted the masked figure persona.

His famous feuds over the years with fellow WWE talents like the Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena, Edge and Rey Mysterio defined the character which reached greater heights.

Over the years, Kane has also made appearances in films, namely See No Evil (2006), See No Evil 2 (2014), MacGruber (2010), Countdown (2016) and an animated Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery (2014).

He also featured in an episode of Smallville back in 2007. He becomes only the second WWE star to serve a public office in the US with the first being Jesse Ventura who in 1990 was elected mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and state governor in 1998.

Kane will be sworn in as mayor on September 1, 2019. Whether the stint at Extreme Rules PPV was the last or whether WWE fans are in for a surprise remains to be seen.


Matt Hardy Response on Kane's Victory

Gold-dust Response on Kane's Victory

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WWE Congratulates Mayor Kane
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