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Wrestling, Why Wrestling?

Wrestling, the Sport Everyone Looks at As Dangerous, Risky, Time-consuming, and Injury-inducing

Senna Robles (Left) Seth Ornelas (Right)

Wrestling, the sport everyone looks at as dangerous, risky, time-consuming, and injury-inducing. I wrestle at J.M. Hanks High School. I am the varsity 132. This was my first year wrestling varsity and let me tell you it had its ups and downs.

I am 5’10" and weighed 119 at the time of the season. I was going to become the varsity 132. We had two strong 113 contenders but I won the spot. During practice, our 132 tore his ACL and our team was under constant stress of not having a 132. We had another varsity try out and I volunteered to become the 132 for Hanks.

Since I weighed 119 I had to drink so much protein!! I had to lift and constantly be running so I could turn my legs into full muscle. For my arms, I had to do a lot of clapping push-ups and curls when I lifted. By the time of the first tournament, I was 125 pounds, the smallest 132 in El Paso, Texas.

The first tournament was really hard for me. My first match was good but I ended up losing 7-9. My second I lost 3-1 in a close battle with a New Mexico team. The second day of the tournament led was to go against the state qualifier of Bel-Air Highschool. I was doing good and winning 5-4 but he hit me in my groin twice and I couldn’t regain my strength. I ended up getting pinned in the third and final round. Before my final match, I was throwing up a lot. The trainers said it was the two punches from the previous match. I didn’t know if I wanted to wrestle anymore.

Hanks Boys, we’re going for third in the tournament. The 132 spot was the second last one to wrestle. But before that coach told me a really inspiring speech. He said, “Look, Senna, everyone here is hurt or injured. Frankly, I think you have to worst of it but, Senna, just going out and wrestling shows you have heart and determination. Go out and kick some butt, Senna.”

Hanks was going against Las Cruses High School. I weighed myself after my throwing up fit. I weighed 121, but I knew I could put up a fight. I was determined to get my team those 5 points (pin points). I was dominating my match. I felt so good. The end of the period was with me leading 10-3. I tilted and moved my opponent like he was air. I was cautious not to hurt my stomach. With two minutes left in the second period, I did a weird roundhouse tilt and ending up pinning my opponent.

My coach said if I didn’t win that match we would’ve gotten fourth as a team. That day I was very proud of myself. The boys got third and all we wanted to do was eat and go to sleep. But not me, I had one of my friends record my match. Until about three in the morning, I watched it because I knew there was gonna be more of that.

Wrestling a game of risk. You never know what happens. One second I can be winning 10-0. The next you can be on your back with your shoulders down and losing. Wrestling is a sport where you can win in five seconds. Many people will say no to wrestling. When we asked them why, these are the most common answers. I’m not strong enough. I don’t want to wear the singlets. Wrestling is flamboyant. 

All you need for wrestling is a good work ethic, shoes, time, and to be physical. Wrestling has made me humble. I used to think I was a hotshot. Until I went against people who were the actual hot shoots. Wrestling will also teach you to not show pain when you are in pain. If you show you're in pain to the people, they will think you're tired and giving up. Wrestling will make you and your teammates a family. Even if you don’t agree on something, u guys/girls will have each other's backs.

Would you try wrestling? Think about it really. Do you have the courage to become a strong-willed person? Whether you're big or small you can wrestle. The only one stopping you from wrestling is you!

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Wrestling, Why Wrestling?
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