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Who's Your Sixth Man?

The Denver Nuggets have a deeper bench than they ever imagined.

Left to Right: Isaiah Thomas, Juancho Hernangomez, Jamal Murray, Tory Craig, Tyler Lydon, and Monte Morris

Kicked out of last season's playoffs by only one game, the Denver Nuggets came into the 2018 season as the most underrated and overlooked team in the NBA.

It didn't take long for the Nuggets to come out and prove the entire league wrong. With a 9-1 start and a strong game against the reigning champs, they caught the league's attention fairly quick. Although the team has had their highs and lows, including losing high energy wing Will Barton only two games into the season, one thing that has remained consistent has been the bench. This group has been responsible for the spark that's led the Nuggets to wins in multiple close games.

Two major secondary contributors are Monte Morris and Mason Plumlee.

Monte Morris a true point guard. He led the NCAA in assists-to-turnover ratio and he's now on pace to break the assist-to-turnover ratio record in the NBA. Morris hasn't had a turnover in his last two games. Another important statistic to take into account is that while on the floor with Morris every player on the Nuggets has a positive net rating. He's the only Nugget that can claim this statistic.

After a blowout win against the Los Angeles Lakers, Coach Micheal Malone said, "Monte, that guy is unbelievable: Seven assists, no turnovers, versus a very aggressive team that generates a lot of steals. He had six assists, zero turnovers in Oklahoma City." In player efficiency rating, Morris is ranked 132nd in the league, but fifth out of other Nuggets.

When asked about Plumlee's role off the bench Malone said, "He was a starter on a playoff team and was a big contributor to that team. Mason Plumlee forgets stats, cause you won't probably be able to make a great argument from a stats perspective, but from an impact perspective, he is a Sixth Man of the Year candidate. He comes in the game, and on both ends of the floor, impacts in a positive way." Plumlee is the kind of player that you watch play and you become filled with excitement. While watching him, you may find yourself thinking he is the highest scorer of the game, but when you check his boxscore, he's got five points and three rebounds. His player efficiency rating, however, comes in a close second for Nuggets players, only behind franchise player Nikola Jokic.

Jokic is currently listed in the top 20 of all NBA players.

Both these players contribute to the team in ways that statistics and box scores can not entirely asses. And while the Sixth Man of the Year award often goes to a player who comes off the bench and scores the most points, Nuggets fans believe they have two Sixth Men of the Year candidates in their midst. One thing is for sure, it does not hurt to have a deep bench, with multiple players contributing to the teams overall success.

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Who's Your Sixth Man?
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