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What Viewers Actually Thought About the 2019 Super Bowl

I polled over 10,000 people on Instagram, again, asking about their opinions on the 2019 super bowl.

Last year, the Super Bowl was truly memorable. It included a flawless halftime performance, a great game, and hilarious commercials. The Super Bowl has always been known for these iconic accessories to the show, and 2018's Super Bowl will definitely go down in history as an amazing game. But 2019's Super Bowl had some rough patches. I wanted to ask my Instagram followers their genuine opinions on this year's 2019 Super Bowl, and everything that came with it.

If you are new to my writings, I'm planning on keeping these poll stories going. In my last poll article, I asked my followers their opinions on Valentine's Day traditions. If you would like to be apart of these surveys, follow my Instagram @Jennmelon and feel free to participate with any poll you feel comfortable with!

1. Who were you rooting for?

  • 63% said Rams!
  • 37% said Patriots!

Honestly, both teams worked very hard to attend this year's Super Bowl. Regardless of the team you were rooting for, both teams did deserve to be a part of it. The Rams and the Patriots did very well despite the overall winner.

2. Was Maroon 5’s halftime performance enjoyable?

  • 89% said no!
  • 11% said yes!

There has been a lot of argument about Maroon 5’s performance. A lot of people thought it was catastrophic. But yet again it’s pretty hard to top past performances like Janet Jackson and Beyoncé. They did have a wonderful set up for it and performed their most popular songs. But some people still considered the performance rather boring and found it difficult to stay interested.

3. How did you enjoy the commercials this year?

  • 89% said "eh"
  • 11% Loved them!

One of the things the Super Bowl is known for is its commercials. Being completely honest, the commercials this year were not that memorable. Last year's Super Bowl commercials had excellent humor and surprising cameos. A lot of viewers would think it’s hard to top everything that happened during the 2018s Super Bowl. They weren’t terrible, but they were mediocre. I’m not surprised that viewers were expecting more. 

4. Are you surprised by all the attention Tom Brady is receiving?

  • 78% said no!
  • 22% said yes!

Tom Brady had some outstanding moments this year. He definitely deserves all the credit and attention he's been getting with his accomplishments. But people were surprised he achieved so much this year's Super Bowl. Overall, I don't think that many people are surprised by all the recognition, but some people are upset by the events.

5. Was the Super Bowl worth celebrating?

  • 71% said no!
  • 29% said yes!

A lot of people found this year’s Super Bowl very boring, unfulfilling, and overall terrible. But I don't think that should stop you from being able to come together for a friendly competition with your loved ones and watch the program. 

6. What did you think about Travis Scott's SpongeBob opening?

  • 59% thought it was terrible
  • 41% loved it

Now, this had a lot of kids and teenagers confused. The purpose for the SpongeBob "Sweet Victory" performance was in honor of Stephen Hillenburg who passed November 26, 2018. Travis Scott used the scene as his introduction for his part of the halftime performance. A lot of people were confused but teenagers were mad. They expected more of a tribute for Hillenburg. 

7. Did you enjoy Big Boi’s performance?

Now, I'm going to be honest. As a teenager myself who is very involved in music culture, I had no idea who this was. I didn't mind his performance at all, but what really had some teenage viewers upset was that he was wearing a fur coat. A lot of teenagers and young adults are very against animal cruelty. Seeing a public figure show it off as a fashion statement really made viewers upset. 

8. Overall, the 2019 Super Bowl was..

  • 100% said bad!
  • 0% said good!

This was a really shocking result for me. Obviously, it didn't meet expectations, but it wasn't completely awful. There were some pretty fun highlights from the Patriots and the Rams, some enjoyable commercials, and an interesting yet surprising halftime performance. But I can see why viewers didn't completely enjoy the game. Which is completely understandable but also a little surprising.

Once again, if you'd like to participate in polls, my Instagram is @jennmelon. You can get in contact with me there or in the social media platforms in my Vocal bio. Tips are always appreciated! Until next year's Super Bowl! 

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What Viewers Actually Thought About the 2019 Super Bowl
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