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Week 9 Picks Against the Spread

As Fred Durst once said: "keep rollin rollin rollin."

Hint- I like Cam this week

It is that time again; week 9 NFL. Should be a good week of football because the Giants have a bye and NFL fans get to avoid the eye sore that is Giants football for a weekend.

For those who have been tracking these picks the last few weeks, well, I am on a bit of a roll; 8-1-1 against the spread the last 2 weeks.  Am I finally figuring this season out?  Do I already have it figured out?  Well, I wouldn't go that far because I believe in karma.  If you get too high things can then come crashing down and I wouldn't want to my legion of followers to start losing some coin on my behalf.  But, right now I am in a good spot so let's keep the train moving.  Here are the picks for week 9 (Note: the lines are coming from ESPN's NFL scores page):

  1. Raiders +3 against the 49ers:  I know what you all are thinking- Aaron, you have said to bet against the Raiders every week and guess what?  You are right.  BUT, this is not one of those weeks.  The 49ers are bad.  Really bad.  Quarterback CJ Bethard is a game time decision and it's not as if he's Joe Montana.  The Raiders are a mess but Derrek Carr can still do somethings; they have the ability to move the ball.  I can't believe this but I really like the Raiders in this spot and I hope to watch absolutely none of this game because in all likelihood it will be an awful game.

  2. Bears -10 against the Bills:  Nathan Peterman is starting for the Bills.  I don't really have to say much more than that.  

  3. Carolina -6 against Tampa Bay: Cam Newton (pictured above) has been on a roll lately.  He has thrived under Norv Turner and the Panthers defensive front seven has been tough as usual.  This Carolina team looks to be really hitting their stride and again Tampa Bay is not a good football team.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting for the Bucs over Jaemis Winston; it won't matter.

  4. Texans +1 against Denver.  Denver has played teams tough recently but they never win.  Houston seems to be rounding into playoff form; something I predicted on my podcast (For the Love of the Game; it's on iTunes.  Download, listen, subscribe and help me get this money).  Deshawn Watson has been terrific of late, despite his o-line's best efforts.  It is mind blowing that this team lost to the Giants in week 3.  This might be my favorite bet of the week.

  5. Titans +6 against Dallas.  Dallas has played well at home this year.  They are actually 3-0 in Jerry World so far this season.  But, they should never be 6 point favorites over anyone.  I am not buying that one 3-4 team is 6 points better than another 3-4 team.  This is another game I want zero part of watching.

Good luck to all the bettors out there and let's secure this paper.

Last Week: 4-1

Season Overall: 22-17-2

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Week 9 Picks Against the Spread
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