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Week 14 NFL Picks Against the Spread

Last week was... not so fun.

I guess we are doing this again...

We are already in Week 14 of the NFL season. My fantasy team has been eliminated from the playoffs thanks to Le'veon Bell and his nonsense, so good riddance fantasy football (until I get suckered into doing it again next year even if I absolutely hate it). Can't believe the regular season is three quarters of the way finished. Time needs to chill the fuck out a bit.

I would like to thank Andrew Luck for making me look real silly last week. After backing him for my best bet last week, and I doubled down on it, picking him in Draft Kings last week, well, it didn't go well. He and the Colts got shut out by the Jacksonville Jaguars 6-0. What a pathetic showing by the Colts last week, but the misery didn't end there. After going 4-1 in Week 12, last week was a 1-4 week. So now, it's time to end the season strong, time to get back on a roll so here we go: Week 14 picks. Let's do this! (Note the lines are from ESPN's page today.)

Giants -3.5 over the Redskins: If you jumped on this spread real early in the week, you could have gotten the Giants who face a Mark Sanchez led Redskins team at +1.5. I, of course, did not and missed out on such an opportunity, but I still like the Giants this week.

Cardinals +3 against the Lions: Ummm, what am I missing here? Why are the Lions being favored by three points on the road? Not only that, but the home dogs have been great all year.

Chiefs -6.5 against the Ravens: The most points the Ravens have scored since Week 9 is 34 points against the Raiders. Other than that, no more than 25. The Chiefs have only scored under 30 points once since Week 7, plus they need to get back on track a bit.

Eagles +3.5 against the Cowboys: The Cowboys have been super hot lately.  They are getting a lot of buzz as a Super Bowl sleeper right now. Cowboys fans are on cloud nine, and just remember Cowboy fans, Jason Garrett is still your head coach. Plus, the Eagles seem to have turned a corner a bit. Love the Eagles here, especially with the extra half point.

Seattle -3 against the Vikings: The Vikings offensive line issues are real, and Kirk Cousins in prime time games, especially against great QBs, well, the record isn't good. I have been talking about this Seahawks team for a few weeks and how good they are, so obviously, I'm backing my guy, Russell Wilson.

Good luck to all the gamblers this weekend and I hope you all have a better weekend than I did last weekend.

Last Week: 1-4

Season Record: 36-28-2

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Week 14 NFL Picks Against the Spread
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