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Week 12 Picks Against the Spread

Small Setback for a Major Comeback

NY's Pride and Joy

The streak is over.  After going over .500 for about a month with my picks, last week was the first sub .500 week in a while.  I would like to thank the Atlanta Falcons for screwing me once again.  I went against my own rule of never backing the Falcons and it came back to bite me, because of course it did.

In other NFL news, the NY Giants have now won two straight games and are screwing up their high draft status as we speak.  The craziest part about this is, now sitting at 3-7, they can still make the playoffs!!!!!  Yeah it's a major long shot but with the Alex Smith injury, the NFC East is really, really bad.  8-8 could easily win the division and the Giants have a very favorable schedule going forward.  Odell Beckham Jr said it before the Monday Night game in San Fran.  The offensive line has been way better of late. Eli has looked pretty good the last two weeks.  Yeah, they have played bad teams but who knows?  Now do I think it's going to happen?  No, but hey, stranger things have happened.  

I've said it once and I will say it again.  Saquon Barkley is the best RB in football and is such a delight to watch.  He's a generational type talent and again, I will defend the Barkley selection all day every day.  I will die on this hill if I have to.  But enough about the cock tease that is the NY Giants; it's time to get back on the winning track with this week's picks against the spread.  Without further ado and again these lines are seen on ESPN's website as of Nov 21 at noon:

  1. Jaguars -3 against the Bills: There is not much to like about this Jags team this year.  Blake Bortles has been terrible.  The offense lacks big play ability and they seem to still have last year's tough AFC championship loss lingering over their heads like a really bad hangover.  HOWEVER, they are fourth overall in total defense,and while I think that has been a little misleading, they are playing the Bills.  I don't see Matt Barkley duplicating his Jets performance this week.  I hope to see zero highlights from this game.
  2. Giants +6 against the Eagles:  Ride the train to an 8-8 finish and a division title.  Let's get it!!!!!  In all seriousness, the Eagles flat out stink right now.  The defense stinks, the offense stinks; everything stinks.  For them to be 6 point favorites over anyone at this point is ridiculous.  Take the points because the Giants could legitimately win this game outright.
  3. Patriots -9.5 against the Jets:  The Pats have not looked great going into their bye week, but for them there is no better cure than playing the NY Jets.  Now I don't think the Pats will embarrass the Jets like the Bills did, but I think they win by double digits.  
  4. Vikings -3.5 against the Packers:  Betting against Aaron Rodgers is not a comfortable experience.  Betting on Kirk Cousins is not a comfortable experience either, but the Vikings defense is starting the click and the Packers are just blah.  Rodgers seems to hate Mike McCarthy and it's getting to the point where it will destroy their season.
  5. Saints -13 against the Falcons:  The Saints are rolling.  They are at home.  Sean Peyton is in fuck you mode.  Oh, and fuck the Atlanta Falcons.

PS- in the past episode of For the Love of the Game, we spoke about the Celtics and their issues and since the episode was recorded, Gordon Heyward has gone to the bench but the Celtics are still struggling especially on offense.  Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have all struggled and regressed this year.  We also discussed the Jimmy Butler trade which has resulted in the 76ers going 3-1 since the trade.  Big things happening in the NBA aside for the Warriors drama.  

Last week: 2-3

Season Record: 31-23-2

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Week 12 Picks Against the Spread
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