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Week 10 NFL Picks Against the Spread

And the Beat Goes On

Can't believe I'm about to do this but we are here

There is a ton going on in the world of sports.  NBA season is in full effect and has ton of juicy story lines (Warriors are ridiculous, LeBron drama, the Raptors with and without Kawhi Leonard are so legit, Giannis etc); the NHL season as well.  Additionally, college football is getting close to its playoff and the standings are constantly changing (except for Alabama who just kicks the shit out of everyone they play; its like clockwork).  And then there was college basketball's opening night last night which featured many top ten teams and most importantly the debut of the Duke super freshman RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish, and Zion Williamson, who looks like a cross between Charles Barkley and a member of the X-Men—my goodness.  Those three kids are, in all likelihood, going to be three of the top five picks in the upcoming NBA draft.

And then there is still the NFL, looming like a stale fart every weekend.  Now I will admit, last Sunday had a few very entertaining games (Rams-Saints) and incredibly juicy match ups (Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady on Sunday Night Football) so it was actually a really good weekend of NFL football.  The icing on the cake is that the NY Giants had a bye and saved us fans from even monitoring this incredibly bad and frustrating team.  The cherry on top is that I seem to have figured out this league—I was 4-1 again last week in my picks which is shocking.  Now I don't know if this is sustainable; if it is I may start doing this full time and retire (hint it probably isn't) but lets keep the gravy train rolling.  Without further ado, here are the Week 10 picks:

Chicago -6.5 against Detroit: The Lions seem to have packed it in for the season.  They traded their best WR, Golden Tate, to the Eagles at the trade deadline.  They gave up and ten sacks last week to the Minnesota Vikings.  Chicago's defense is just as ferocious if not more so than Minnesota's even if star LB, Khalil Mack does not play.  Do I love betting on a team with Mitch Trubisky at QB?  No but in this case (like last week against the terrible Buffalo Bills) I am doing it; lets run it back.

Bengals +5.5 against the Saints:  The Saints looked like the best team in football last week, BUT, that was at home (indoors).  There is a clear difference between the Saints in a dome and the Saints outdoors.  Plus the Bengals are solid; they can move the ball.  Do I think the Saints win Sunday?  Yes.  But 5.5 is too many points to give on the road, outdoors, especially when home underdogs this year have done as well as they have against the spread so far this season.  Give me the points.

Falcons -4 against the Browns: I know what all of my followers are thinking; Aaron- you HATE this Falcons team.  You hate on Matt Ryan always.  All of this is true; I hate the Falcons and I hate Matt Ryan (so overrated) but this Browns team is just a disaster.  Gregg Williams is now the coach after replacing Hue Jackson.  They fired offensive coordinator, Todd Haley as well.  The Browns are back to being the Browns and when that is the case, bet against the Browns.

Seahawks +10 against the Rams: I still like this Rams team a lot; Sunday's loss to the Saints doesn't change that.  However, when these two teams play, the games are usually close. 10 points is a little too high for me, especially since the Rams defense has struggled a lot lately and Russell Wilson is still one of the five best QBs in the league.

Giants +3 against the 49ers: The Giants have been a bottom give team all year.  But, they have hung in games against good teams.  They are not as bad as the Raiders and I have a really hard time believing the 49ers can duplicate last week's success.  I hope to watch almost none of this game because it may be horrendous but much to my surprise, I am backing the NY Giants (shocking).

As far as the podcast goes, I hope to have a few shows coming out soon; a college basketball show to talk about how Duke may not lose a game his year and a roundup on what has happened so far in the NBA.  But as always, to all the NFL bettors out there, good luck this weekend.

Last week: 4-1

Overall: 26-18-2

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Week 10 NFL Picks Against the Spread
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