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The Fantasy Baseball Players You Are Missing Out On

A List of Some of the Fantasy Baseball Players that can Change the Game for You and Your Team.

Keep an eye out for these players that will change the fantasy game

Fantasy Baseball can be just as suprising as the stock market, but that does not mean it has to be as secretive or complicated. One of the best ways to get ahead of the game is to pick up the hidden gems that no one has signed yet, to ensure that your team is the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball team. To help here is a list of some of those hidden players that have a lot to offer in helping your fantasy team become the winning one.

Austin Meadows

Austin Meadows; OF

Austin Meadows is a young talent that has made a big impact on the Pittsburg Pirates. Although he is successful, he is also obscure due to his late start this season, and his lower total points compared to other OFs. This late start is not something to be discouraged about and for proof just look at his 4.4 average and the points he has earned in the past few weeks.

Dustin Pedroia

Dustin Pedroia; 2B

The Red Sox all-star Dustin Pedroia is adored and has a major fan base, but due to his recent surgery, he may have been overlooked during the drafts. Although he may not be what he used to be yet, he will recover soon and when he gets back into his groove he will be a force to be reckoned with. 

Adam Plutko

Adam Plutko; SP

Adam Plutko has not had a lot of play time, but his few games have proved his ability to play a grand role in conquering the fantasy baseball world. Although he has not proved to be as successful as some of the greats, he definitely is good enough to earn a large amount of points for your team.

Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner; SP

Bumgarner is probably one of the greatest pitchers in the MLB today, and his stats prove it, but he may have been overlooked in many fantasy teams due to his hand injury and his presence on the DL60 list. Although this can seem like a major problem, Bumgarner is on the swift road to recovery and is set to play very soon, and based on his rehab he is just as good as ever.

Anthony Rendon

Anthony Rendon; 3B

Rendon was most likely drafted at the beginning of the season by opposing teams, but he did start off with a slump, which can make him seem of less value and may have even landed him in a Free Agent status. This should not be a problem to you though, due to his recent performance and him finding his groove. From now on we can expect the Anthony Rendon that was projected at the beginning of the season.

Adam Eaton

Adam Eaton; OF

Adam Eaton is legendary and a huge asset to any fantasy team, but his recent injury that landed him on the DL60 list makes him a liability. However, in early June he is expected to be back and as game-changing as ever, thus making him essential for those last minute points to win you the league. Just remember to wait sometime before signing him as you do not want a player who cannot play yet.

Mitch Moreland

Mitch Moreland; 1B

Mitch Moreland is probably one of the most underrated players on this list. Most Fantasy Owners do not even have him on their radars but as he is an essential part of the Red Sox he will be an essential player on your Fantasy Team. His 2.8 average and his increased game time will prove to be a major threat to opposing teams.

Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez; SP

Rodriguez is a SP for the Red Sox which already speaks volumes about his credibility, but even when placed side-to-side with some of the best pitchers the MLB has to offer he stands out. Sadly, due shadows of Chris Sale and David Price, he has not gained the attention of many fantasy owners causing them to miss out on some major wins.

Nick Kingham

Nick Kingham; SP

Kingham has not done much to prove his worth yet, but his few games look promising and if you are willing to risk it, he may prove a huge asset to your fantasy team. All in all, the only risk you are taking with Kingham is you might end up getting a decent amount of points, but if the odds are in your favour Kingham can be a match winner.

Matt Skole

Matt Skole; 1B

Matt Skole had his debut game just recently and in that time he has proven his worth in any fantasy team. Although he does not have much under his belt yet, he still shows potential and is probably not even being considered by other fantasy owners making him a perfect, effortless pick up.

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The Fantasy Baseball Players You Are Missing Out On
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