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The Current State of New York Sports

Hint: Not Good

New York City—the most unique, important, dynamic city in the world.

New Yorkers don't fuck around.  New Yorkers have an arrogance about them, a swagger that comes from being the media and financial capital of the world.  We are better than you and are not afraid to tell it you your face.  Just ask someone who lives in New Jersey—they may think they are the sixth borough but anyone from New York dumps all over them for being inferior.  "Nothing stinks like Jersey"—everyone who lives in New York.  "Out of towners" may not love us but they flock to live here.  New York has and will always be king.

Sports are a major part of New York's culture.  It's a passionate sports town, a knowledgeable sports town, and an arrogant sports town.  Hell, New York invented sports talk radio (shout out to Mike and the Mad Dog) which has led to sports talk radio dominating the air waves and has led to debate shows on ESPN and FS1, all because of New York sports culture and the thirst behind New York sports fans.

But right now?  New York is a downtrodden, broken sports town.  A sad state of affairs at the moment.  With the New York Yankees losing this week to their hated rival, the Boston Red Sox, where the Yankees were dominated at home and watched the Sox celebrate on their field (puke), New York sports has never been lower.  Let's take a look at the state of affairs right now for the major teams in NY:

  • NY Yankees - Just lost to the Red Sox. Giancarlo Stanton—their prized off season addition last off season—sucked in the playoffs.  They need major help with their starting pitching and the Red Sox seem to be young and very tough for years to come.
  • NY Mets - A dumpster fire.  Everything they touch turns to crap.  They are operating like a small market team in the biggest media city in America and they are not doing it well.  They are still owned by the Wilpon family; a disaster and they will always be a disaster.
  • NY Giants - They just lost on a 63 yard field goal and are 1-4.  They might be the only team to lose on a 60+ yard field goal to end the game in back to back years.  Eli Manning is done and is expensive, Odell Beckham Jr is making noise (not the good kind—even if it's been way overblown), the offensive line still stinks, and their cap situation isn't great.  Not a good state of affairs for the Giants.
  • NY Jets - Sam Darnold has shown flashes but they are still the Jets.  They have not won anything since 1969.  
  • NY Knicks - Where to start?  Porzingis is still hurt.  Have not won a title since 1973.  They're over/under win total is 32.5 and I would hammer the under.  They have some nice young players and some cap space coming up and the front office has done some nice things; Kevin Durant may actually choose them a year from now.  But they are still owned by James Dolan, which is never a good thing.  Hope is a scary thing.
  • NY Rangers - Currently 0-3.  After a long stretch of being super competitive, they seem to be rebuilding.
  • NY Islanders - A team with no home and no one seems to care.  They won't be relevant until they are back on Long Island full time.  Oh and John Tavares left for Toronto.
  • Brooklyn Nets - No one gives a FUCK about the Brooklyn Nets.  

So yeah, it's pretty bleak right now.  A proud sports city that has nothing to be proud of sports wise and can't justify talking "that shit" as they say and it's killing us.  Time for your boy to find a new hobby (but not really because this is what love is and hey, NBA season is BACK!!!!)

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The Current State of New York Sports
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