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The Best Hockey Sticks for Defensemen

Hockey sticks are not all made the same, and it's important to have the best equipment for your position and skills. Utilizing the best hockey sticks for defensemen is no different.

Photo by Jerry Yu on Unsplash

No two hockey players are the same; and indeed, no two positions or skills require the same strengths. Were this the case, all hockey players would use the same stick. Rather, finding the best stick for the player is a matter of personal preference and skill. Some major aspects of their equipment the best NHL defensemen of all time probably considered are stick handling, kick point, and an open or closed face heel curve, among others. With these kinds of considerations in mind, the best hockey sticks for defensemen has a range of prices and particularities that each player should consider before skating out onto the ice.

Warrior Alpha QX by CCM

Pricey though it may be, the Warrior Alpha QX is the most popular hockey stick for defensemen among professional players, making the best hockey goalies of all time look good while the defense did most of the hard work. With a low kick point and powerful quick release, this stick from CCM is designed with defense in mind, and is a favorite of major players like Erik Karlsson, Duncan Keith, and Zdeno Chara. The single composition construction maximizes efficiency by reducing unnecessary weight, and gives the stick a much needed balance for good control. It's also designed for maximum durability, so it can withstand long seasons of rough play without degrading. Of course, this stick isn't only a favorite for defensemen—in fact, it's one of the most popular hockey sticks among professional players in general.

RibCor Trigger 2 Composite Mini Hockey Stick by CCM

Another CCM favorite, the Ribcor Trigger 2 Mini is often spoken of as one of the most ideal hockey sticks for youth players who will eventually upgrade into defensemen with a preference for control over power. A single construction, enhanced flex zone, and low kick point make the CCM RibCor Trigger both powerful and careful, able to store energy in both the upper and lower parts of the stick, maximizing power without sacrificing control.

Supreme by Bauer

Bauer's Supreme 1S is one of the most popular hockey sticks for defensemen in the professional game, and that might have something to do with Bauer being one of the best hockey stick brands in 2018. Unlike many defensive sticks, this one is designed for maximum power, focusing somewhat less on control and more on power. This is primarily achieved with a high kick point, which allows the stick to build up major power and force. To balance this focus on power, it's designed with an Extended Transfer Zone to help shift between power and control for players who want the best of both worlds. It's the favorite of Islander's Nick Leddy, who is one of the few defensemen in the pros to be considered a powerhouse above a control player. Nevertheless, this high quality stick provides at least some of the best of both worlds.

Nexus 1N by Bauer

Though CCM is the marginal leader in hockey sticks for defensemen, Bauer is not far behind. Their Nexus 1N is a popular choice for hockey players across the board, toeing the lines between power and control, handling and speed. It's the perfect stick for players who do a bit of it all, with a middle grade kick point, quick release taper, and one piece carbon fiber design for lightweight balance. It's heavy on control and puck handling, but not at the expense of power when needed, and allows players to shift from one style of play to another with ease.

Super Tacks 2.0 Composite Mini by CCM

For specialized players like defensemen, it makes sense to get young players started with sticks that offer very fine-grained specialization as they develop. The role that player plays on the team, their own individual skills and strengths, and, of course, their preferences will be tested and developed with a specialized stick. For some, a highly sensitive stick is more important than a highly powerful one, but for many young players, balance is key, as they need to be able to perform many different functions within the team. The CCM Super Tacks is designed with this in mind, making it the top choice for many players well into their professional careers who prefer a versatile stick in order to play a more versatile game in turn.

RBZ 360 by CCM

You don't have to pay pro prices for good quality sticks. Available under $100, the RBZ 360 is an excellent amateur hockey stick for defensemen; though not exclusively so, since the custom kick points on this stick allow players to play a diverse game, switching positions or working outside of their primary role. The left handed stick is perfect for players of many kinds, allowing high powered slap shots and tight control so that you can do more within the confines of a designated role. For those who are still developing their personal preferences with regards to stick design and strengths, this is a fantastic option.

Synergy GX by Easton

This one piece, Hyperlite design enables a lot of control for how much power the stick has. The best hockey sticks for defensemen are often the sticks that offer the best all-around versatility, as the position can require you to go quickly from careful, controlled puck handling to powerful slapshots with a lot of lift. It is, therefore, no wonder that this top-of-the-line product is so popular among professional players of all kinds. It's also popular for its immense durability, with shot boost technology that helps the stick absorb high impact in a way that benefits your shot without taking its toll on the one piece blade and shaft; saving your stick, your hands, and your game a lot of trouble.

Rekker EK300 by Sher-Wood

Another fantastic budget hockey stick for amateur and professional players alike is the Sher-Wood Rekker. Though not a beginner stick by any means, it's nevertheless a favorite among up-and-coming players. This is not only for its seamless construction that balances power and control, but also for its ease of impact, a consideration which many beginning hockey players fail to take into account. With 18K carbon fiber and a mid-density foam blade composition, it absorbs the force of high-impact shots as both a receiver and shot-taker. It's also noted for its high sensitivity, giving players a better ability to feel their shots and control their minute motions.

A6.0 by TRUE

The A6.0 is one of the first offerings by TRUE to make their name a common one among hockey players, but it has done so with a serious impact. This model's low kick point makes it a highly responsive, powerful, and, most of all, quick option. Lauded as perhaps the most effective stick for fast power, this is a favorite of offensive players everywhere. It finds a perfect balance of weight and durability, touch and power, and speed and response. It's another ideal option for defensemen that want a versatile game, using innovative construction and materials to provide a wide range of strengths and applications without sacrificing the others.

M31 by Monster

Available as both left and right handed, the M31 is a testament to what hockey sticks for defensemen should be. The defensive necessity of control and handling is great for players who prefer a stiff flex and low heel. It's also another great option for up-and-coming players and players on a budget, running much lower than many of the top sticks in the game today at much the same quality. It's uniform construction and use of the latest in hockey stick composition technology makes it an ideal, all-around hockey stick for defensemen of all kinds; lightweight and highly sensitive for easy handling and control.

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