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The Best Hockey Movies Every Fan Should Watch

Are you a hockey fan that just can't wait for the season to start up again? Here are some of the best hockey movies every fan should watch in the meantime!

Hockey is one of those sports that lasts most of the year, from October to June, and that fans of the sport go crazy over. From major league to minor league hockey, hockey games are so much fun to go to, and hockey players are some of the toughest athletes around. For those few months of the year when the hockey drought is upon us, we need the best hockey movies to keep us in the mood for when the season starts up again. We have many on our list with great teams and great actors alike. Here are some of the greatest of all time.

The Mighty Ducks

Topping the list of best hockey movies is none other than The Mighty Ducks. This movie had three different versions come out between the years of 1992 and 1996, because it was such a hit. Gordon Bombay plays the role of Emilio Estevez, the hockey team's coach, in this movie, and Joshua Jackson plays one of the main players on the team as Estevez’s young apprentice, Charlie Ramsey. Estevez leads the Ducks to an unlikely victory in each movie, despite not having this A-lister on the team. This movie has heart, and it shows how hockey players can come together as a team and unite over the sport.

Mystery, Alaska

Mystery, Alaska was not predicted to be one of the best hockey movies ever created, but it ended up being an unexpected hit. With Russell Crowe as team captain and Burt Reynolds as the coach, the New York Rangers travel to Alaska to play a hockey game and defeat their opponent in the rink. Hockey fans will love the classic tale of the underdog winning the match in the end of this movie.


Miracle is one of the best hockey movies of all time, as it describes a truly motivating story of the 1980 US Men’s hockey team. Kurt Russell plays legendary coach Herb Brooks, who molded the hockey players into a solid team and helped them beat the previously undefeated Soviet Union hockey team. This movie will uplift and inspire with its underdog tale, as most movies about sports successfully do.


Youngblood is a comedy with Rob Lowe playing Dean Youngblood, a farm boy who is new to the ice. Dean Youngblood is introduced to the sport of hockey by two boys played by actors Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. You know this movie is good with a cast like that! This movie is constantly played during the Stanley Cup playoffs, because it is such a favorite with hockey fans.


Goon is a hidden gem that many, even the most adamant fans, may not know about. This hockey movie features Sean William Scott and his goon, or his enforcer, Doug Glatt. The movie depicts the relationship between hockey players in the rink and out of the rink, and it is a moving film at times. For anyone who loves the game of hockey as well as their teammates, this movie will hit home.

Sudden Death

While this movie is a little absurd, we’ve added Sudden Death to the list of best hockey movies for its comical aspects. It may be cheesy, but this movie combines hockey with an action plot, which is unique. You won’t find another movie on the list where a radio broadcaster fights the Pittsburgh Penguin's mascot. Entertaining, to say the least.

Slap Shot

One of the best hockey movies and one of the oldest on the lists, filmed in 1977, is Slapshot. This movie stars Paul Newman as a coach who is a little rusty, but still does his best to get the team together to win hockey games for a franchise that is having a hard time surviving. The Hanson brothers are the asset players on the team that help bring the victories and keep the spirit of the franchise alive.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy stars Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as a star hockey player who is given the nickname "Tooth Fairy" for how tough and aggressive he is in the rink. After crushing a fan’s dreams, he must learn a lesson on how to treat kids by being turned into the real tooth fairy. This hockey movie is a great family movie that combines sport and comedy all in one.

The Rocket

The Rocket is one of the best hockey movies because it depicts a true story of “The Rocket,” Maurice Richard, who is played by Roy Dupuis. In the movie, we see Richard’s life as he makes his way through the teenage years, playing for minor league hockey teams, and eventually making it onto the Montreal Canadiens. Richard is bullied throughout his career for being one of the few French players in an English league. In the movie and in life, the Richard Riot becomes a famous moment where people fought to keep him on the team after he is suspended during a game. Richard goes on to win five Stanley Cups with the team, cementing his legacy in the game forever.

Les Boys

One of the best hockey movies that has come out of Canada is Les Boys, which was filmed in 1997 and boasts three sequels as well. It was a huge success and revolves around a hockey team that played minor league hockey, but has players who are an unlikely bunch; comprised of a doctor, a police officer, a gay lawyer who is still in the closet, a real estate salesman, and more. With many obstacles along the way leading up to the big game, the team finally gets it together to obtain a victory. This movie is worth watching for the camaraderie, the hockey, and a barrier breaking romantic comedy all in one!

All these hockey movies are great options to watch in combination with your hockey season celebrations, or while in the off season when you’re needing your hockey fix, waiting for the sport to start back up. They will uplift your spirits and remind you why the game of hockey is such a good team sport for all.

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The Best Hockey Movies Every Fan Should Watch
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