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The American Basketball Exposure League

An upcoming minor basketball league aims to give players a platform.

The ABEL Logo

Once again, this article will be somewhat different. One of my recent articles was about my newly established YouTube channel. If you read that article, I provided a link to my channel within the article. If you didn't check out the article (or the channel), feel free to do so. In fact, this article revolves around a video that I did on my channel. The video was for the American Basketball Exposure League, so there may be some similarities between this article and that video. 

The American Basketball Exposure League is a minor basketball league based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I will be helping the league out with social media/exposure. I believe in this league and its mission, so I am more than willing to help. 

The purpose of the league is exposure. Their primary goal is even in the league's name (American Basketball Exposure League). This league provides players of all levels a platform to showcase their skills, which is all some people need. They can showcase their strengths, but also work on their "weaknesses." If a player is an excellent playmaker but they need to improve their shooting, what better way to do so than a league such as ABEL, that allows you to showcase your skills? 

The league has three divisions: the ABEL Elite, the ABEL Prep, and the ABEL Youth. Each division is for players of their respective ages/levels. For example, the ABEL Elite division is geared towards high school or college graduates. The Elite division is the top division of the American Basketball Exposure League. The Elite division players that are on an ABEL franchise team have the opportunity to earn prize money as a championship club. But, they also have another great opportunity. They have the ability to showcase themselves to scouts, who could take them to another level. This could lead to such opportunities as other top minor leagues or international/overseas leagues. In other words, this platform serves its purpose. This platform will lead to bigger things for the players of this division. Keep an eye out for a regular season schedule for this division. 

The ABEL Prep division is a division for high school students/recent graduates. This division is for high school programs of all sizes competing for scholarship rewards. The scholarship rewards go to the respective schools' various programs. The ABEL Prep division is a great opportunity for high school students to hone their skills. 

The ABEL Youth division is the entry level for the league. In fact, the ABEL website refers to the ABEL Youth division as the entry level for the basketball stars of tomorrow. This division is elementary and middle school students. Like the Prep division, players in this division earn scholarship money for their school programs. This division is essential as it is for young students. This division will help groom young players and help them develop their game from the start. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for young players who may just be starting/have only been playing for a few years. It is important for young players to learn the fundamentals and rules of the game. This division would ensure they would be doing so. 

All of the ABEL divisions are important. No division is more important than another. The divisions all have a specific purpose. Their main purpose is exposure, but as you can see, they provide things such as scholarship rewards (in the case of the Prep and Youth divisions). The opportunities ABEL will provide for their divisions should be recognized. 

The new and upcoming American Basketball Exposure League could be something special. As the league grows/gets established, it will provide good opportunities for their players. I recommend that you remember the name. Big things could be in store because, as their slogan says, "If you're willing, we're ABEL." If you are willing to play and willing to showcase your talent, they're here for you. I wish great success for the league.

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The American Basketball Exposure League
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