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Thuurd .I4 months ago
Antonio Brown Bids Farewell
The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a team that has been under the microscope during the 2018 season. After an ongoing contract battle with their former starting running back, Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers...
John Tasci4 months ago
2019 NFL Mock Draft 1-Round
First, 32 picks mock draft. You won't see any other mock results like this. This will be very entertaining.
Kenneth Wilson4 months ago
AAF: A Few Reasons the Alliance of American Football May Be Here to Stay
Usually, the day after the Superbowl signals the long wait until August, when football once again kicks off. Not this year, though, and the AAF are the ones to thank. The Alliance of American Football...
Ryan McCombs4 months ago
Grading the New NFL Head Coaching Hires
Breaking Down the Coaching Carousel
Ryan Kennedy4 months ago
College Football's Talking Heads Should STFU
Troy Aikman in 85, Jeff George in 86, JJ Watt, Nick Foles, and Ryan Mallett in 07, Baker Mayfield in 14, and Kyler Murray in 15—all transferred schools with multiple years of eligibility remaining. Ev...
Jenn Melon4 months ago
What Viewers Actually Thought About the 2019 Super Bowl
Last year, the Super Bowl was truly memorable. It included a flawless halftime performance, a great game, and hilarious commercials. The Super Bowl has always been known for these iconic accessories t...
Kenneth Wilson4 months ago
'Primetime': The Synopsis, the Take, and "Neon" Deion
The Synopsis In few scenarios, there are no introductions needed. The man who transformed himself into who we now know as Primetime requires none of that. This film was obviously about Deion Sanders, ...
Ricardo Barnett5 months ago
We all have a story to tell. A story where we all face some kind of hardship in our lives. You never know the struggle a person is going through. Behind every smile, there’s a story to tell about a pe...
Kenneth Wilson5 months ago
Tom Freaking Brady: G.O.A.T.'s and Ghosts
When you have won as much as Tom Brady has, it seems as though "winning" in itself isn't that appealing anymore. Well, that's wrong, because Tom is just as motivated as ever, and winning again this we...
Ryan McCombs5 months ago
2019 First Round Mock Draft
Who Every NFL Team Will Pick in the First Round
Morgan E. Westling5 months ago
The 10 Best Books for Football Coaches
The best books for football coaches provide insight into being a head coach, strategies for winning the game, and tips for bringing together a team of players. Game planning, disciplining, and everyth...
Ryan McCombs5 months ago
How the Cowboys Should Handle Their Coaching Situation
During his time as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett has been the punchline of a lot of jokes from Cowboys fans and NFL fans alike. Often, he has been deserving of the hate he has re...
Aaron Tobin-Hess5 months ago
Divisional Round Picks Against the Spread
We have made it to the Divisional Round in the NFL Playoffs. We have made it. On a personal note, I am back from Miami and I am sad. I had such an awesome weekend, generated a nice tan, and now that t...
Tyler Santos5 months ago
Should NFL Players Be Allowed to Protest During the National Anthem?
Are you disgusted by the fact that NFL players are protesting the national anthem? If you don’t already know, National Football League players are not protesting the US anthem. They protest for racial...
Aaron Tobin-Hess5 months ago
Wild Card Weekend Picks Against the Spread
Wild Card weekend. Wow, I can't believe the NFL playoffs are here. I am currently in Miami Beach, trying to freshen my tan and recapture the magic that is my summer look for a few days, but I couldn't...
Hayden Fisher6 months ago
8 Team College Football Playoff
Disclaimer: I would just like to point out that I did not make this graphic myself. I found it on a website and I am merely expanding its idea. I loved the format and wanted to share it with other peo...
Aaron Tobin-Hess6 months ago
Week 17 Picks Against the Spread
We are here, week 17 of the NFL season, the regular season finale. I can not believe we are here at this point. Christmas has come and passed, New Years is next week, and my trip to Miami is coming cl...
Rich Monetti6 months ago
Jeff Pearlman Comes Home to Discusses His Book and the Life of Walter Payton
Author Jeff Pearlman recently came back to his hometown of Mahopac, New York to discuss his most recent book Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton. At the Mahopac Library, before an audience ...