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Devon Thomas2 days ago
Best Football Gloves to Try Right Now
I'm seeing someone who's turned my whole world upside down. And right side up! Her name is Chica Reyass. Her ability to recall the best motivational soccer quotes to remember before a game has inspire...
Rich Monetti9 days ago
Somers Football Coach Feels the Love After Losing House in Fire
Somers JV Football Coach Matthew Ridgeway lost all his and his daughter’s possessions last Tuesday. An accidental fire in the kitchen broke out and destroyed his home. Tallying the dollar value can ce...
Bryson Lowry23 days ago
Win/Loss Prediction for Every NFC Team
Yesterday, we covered predicting every win/loss for every AFC Team. So let's get right to the NFC.
Rich Monetti24 days ago
Somers Cruises to 49-17 Victory on Five Messiah Horne Touchdowns
The four touchdowns Matt Pires scored two weeks ago against Sleepy Hollow looked liked something the Tuskers would never see on their turf again. But Messiah Horne didn't wait long to best Pires' four...
Bryson Lowrya month ago
Win/Loss Predictions for Every AFC Team
The NFL Draft and Free Agency are all but over with the exception of Dez Bryant, CJ Anderson, and a few other veterans on the market; most players have filled out their respective rosters. Barring the...
Hannah Suszeka month ago
Rookie Wide Receivers From the 2018 NFL Draft
Are you looking for the best 2018 rookie wide receivers for your fantasy football team? Do you like learning the general rookie statistics for NFL? Or are you wanting to see which NFL team will have t...
Robert Garciaa month ago
NFL Is Just Around the Corner
Attention all you NFL fanatics! I know you guys have been waiting for the 2018 season to begin since the last whistle blew at Super Bowl 52. The time is almost here, just hang in there for two more mo...
Jesse Kinneya month ago
Best Shutdown Cornerbacks in NFL History
In my opinion, cornerback is the second hardest position to play in football. Corners are asked to cover the tallest, most athletic players on the field, blitz the quarterback, and help come down to s...
Chris Gennone2 months ago
Greatest NFL Head Coaches in History
There are multiple eras in the NFL where teams have had to persevere, whether it's a color barrier or player strikes, it's the coach behind that effort. We've seen several dynasties over the years, in...
Jenna Logan2 months ago
2018 Patriots Draft
The NFL Draft. Three days of intense excitement, if you are a year-round football fanatic, like me. A ton of drama, sometimes better than your mother’s soap operas. The 2018 Draft was no different. Be...
Logan Stoves2 months ago
NFL Draft Results and Review
How I Believe the Teams Did in the Draft
isaiah cruz2 months ago
Descriptive Side of You
The Leather Sphere It had been traveling as if it was on a set course passing by like an out-of-state family member visiting. The body weirdly was shaped in an oval type of look, its skin coat brown l...
Spencer MacAdam2 months ago
XFL 2020
The “XFL” is making a return? If you where born anytime after the mid-nineties like myself, you were probably left scratching your head while referencing Vince McMahon’s proposal to resurrect this pre...
Jesse Kinney2 months ago
Best NFL Running Backs of All Time
Running back has become a devalued position in the modern NFL game. It's a passing league now and quarterbacks are all the rage. They are the ones who receive the most praise and have offenses designe...
Jenna Logan2 months ago
Brady Retirement?
Just a Girl, on the Couch, in Her Football Jersey: Monday, Brady did not attend the Optional training for the team. He was in Qatar with his family, visiting our troops, and working his Best Buddies C...
Matt V. Unger2 months ago
Why I Love the CFL
I love the CFL, or the Canadian Football League, for those of you who don't know. I am, of course, Canadian and that's why I got into it, but I've tried many times and have never fully been able to ge...
Todd Pataky2 months ago
NFL Wild Card Weekend
The Plays That Changed the Games
Chauncey Balsom2 months ago
Top 5 Favorite Seattle Seahawks Games
During Week 8 of the NFL, the Seahawks of Seattle were in a professional football contest versus the Texans of Houston in what was, still is, and very well may be, the best NFL game all season. I beca...