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isaiah cruz2 days ago
Descriptive Side of You
The Leather Sphere It had been traveling as if it was on a set course passing by like an out-of-state family member visiting. The body weirdly was shaped in an oval type of look, its skin coat brown l...
Spencer MacAdam2 days ago
XFL 2020
The “XFL” is making a return? If you where born anytime after the mid-nineties like myself, you were probably left scratching your head while referencing Vince McMahon’s proposal to resurrect this pre...
Jesse Kinney3 days ago
Best NFL Running Backs of All Time
Running back has become a devalued position in the modern NFL game. It's a passing league now and quarterbacks are all the rage. They are the ones who receive the most praise and have offenses designe...
Jenna Logan4 days ago
Brady Retirement?
Just a Girl, on the Couch, in Her Football Jersey: Monday, Brady did not attend the Optional training for the team. He was in Qatar with his family, visiting our troops, and working his Best Buddies C...
Matt V. Unger4 days ago
Why I Love the CFL
I love the CFL, or the Canadian Football League, for those of you who don't know. I am, of course, Canadian and that's why I got into it, but I've tried many times and have never fully been able to ge...
Todd Pataky13 days ago
NFL Wild Card Weekend
The Plays That Changed the Games
Chauncey Balsom13 days ago
Top 5 Favorite Seattle Seahawks Games
During Week 8 of the NFL, the Seahawks of Seattle were in a professional football contest versus the Texans of Houston in what was, still is, and very well may be, the best NFL game all season. I beca...
Jesse Kinney18 days ago
The Best NFL Defenses in History
You know the old saying, "Defense wins championships?" Well, it's true. The offense may be more fun to watch, trick plays and touchdowns are the bees knees, but a great defense is what makes all the d...
Dave Schneider20 days ago
Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time
The NFL is full of legends, including Vince Lombardi, Jerry Rice, and Jim Brown. But at the center of every great team is a legendary quarterback. Each quarterback has their own set of skills, whether...
Kenan Goyette23 days ago
2018 NFL Mock Draft: 1.0
The NFL Draft is just under a month away and that means that Mock Draft season is in full swing and should only ramp up further in the coming weeks. Mock drafts are all constructed differently across ...
Clark Wozich24 days ago
Make Football Fun Again
How the XFL Will Succeed in 2020
Nick Paronia month ago
Top Defenses in College Football History
People say that defense wins championships. And that extends to college football. Some of these players would go on to become stars in the NFL or busts. This only shows the value of what a great team ...
Stephen Clearya month ago
Best College Football Coaches of All Time
Within college football history, which head coaches have left their mark on the game? These are the top ten best coaches in the history of college football, from "Bear" Bryant to Fielding Yost. These ...
Johnson Bernarda month ago
Biggest College Bowl Game Upsets Ever
First introduced in the 1902 Tournament East-West football game, wherein Michigan clobbered Stanford 49-0, the Rose Bowl would then on take form over their years of continued bouts, next witnessed in ...
Jesse Kinneya month ago
What Michael Bennett's Acquisition Means for the Philadelphia Eagles
With the recent acquisition of former Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett, Howie Roseman has once again proved to be one of the best (if not THE best) general managers in the NFL. Bennett will be 33 years...
Jarrod Foster2 months ago
Should I Let My Kid Play Football at a Young Age?
Yes.... to go ahead and answer your questions and address your fears and concerns of your child playing football at a young age; it is possible to have a safe, enjoyable, and learning experience witho...
The Mixed Emotions Following the Eagles Super Bowl Victory
The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII (that's 52, for those of us who stopped using Roman numerals long ago). For a city that sports some of the most diehard fans (and we really do our best to di...
Foles Gold!
Here's a little bit of perspective on how unlikely and remarkable this Eagles championship is. In week 14, when superstar quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL in Los Angeles against the ...