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Carlos Foxa month ago
Is High Stakes Fantasy Football Different Than Low-Cost Leagues?
Fantasy football is incredibly popular, with tens of millions of people taking part each year. Many leagues are casual affairs where friends or coworkers simply play for fun, although they may have a ...
Winners Onlya month ago
Remembering the Short Shorts
Once upon a time the Legends Football League was a renegade type of sports brand. Occasional fights went viral online. Furious coaches and players cursing out their enemies, without shame, and wardrob...
Jack Millera month ago
Best Free Agent Fits for Fantasy Football
It’s been three days since the free agent market has opened, and already there have been trades and signings that changed the landscape of fantasy football for the 2019 season. There are plenty of via...
Jack Millera month ago
Free Agency's Fantasy Implications
Fantasy isn’t everything, I get it. Players want to get paid, coaches want insurance plans for players. But this is a fantasy article and I want to dive into some Free Agent signings that were not gre...
Thuurd .Ia month ago
Can Pittsburgh Survive the Cold Off-Season?
The Pittsburgh Steelers have been known to be the most dominant team to play on Sunday’s in the AFC North Division. Their symbolic steel curtain defense has won the hearts and souls of many football a...
William Ricksa month ago
What the OBJ Trade Means for the Browns and Giants
The NFL off season has brought a flurry of drama. From teams signing and trading key players to Antonio Brown's exit from Pittsburgh, we haven't experienced a free agent and trade frenzy like this in ...
Kenneth Wilsona month ago
Why "AB" to "Big D" Was Never Really a "Thing"
First off and before anything else is said, let's make this clear, Antonio Tavaris Brown is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now. Even at 30 years old, this is a fact, and with the way he plays...
Regan Scholesa month ago
Week 4 AAF Review
Time for an exciting Week 4 of the AAF. This is where it gets interesting. The teams know the opposition. They know who they are. It is crunch time. Week 4 kicks off with a huge matchup between the Sa...
Tobias Gillot2 months ago
Essential Tips for Running a Fantasy Football League
You have a tough job, Commissioner. Running a fantasy league isn’t easy, and if not for your unquestionable toughness and your undying love of the game, you would have been out of this gig long ago. B...
Ryan Kennedy2 months ago
Lee Morris Is Oklahoma's Unheralded TD Tycoon
It seems Sooner Nation is ecstatic about the talent Oklahoma has on the offensive side of the football—as they should be. CeeDee Lamb is a contender for the 2019 Biletnikoff Award. Grant Calcaterra ha...
Rich Monetti2 months ago
Football for a Buck Reveals the USFL and Its Crazy Rise and Fall
When the USFL hit the scene, the idea of spring football was pretty intriguing. The new league then signed Herschel Walker and notice was demanded. I probably tuned in and likely didn’t last more than...
Timothy Kohut2 months ago
10 Best Books for Football Fans
Football, or "American Football" to those around the globe, has become a staple among sports fan throughout the US. So much so, in fact, that it remains by far the biggest cash cow in American sports....
Thuurd .I2 months ago
Antonio Brown Bids Farewell
The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a team that has been under the microscope during the 2018 season. After an ongoing contract battle with their former starting running back, Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers...
John Tasci2 months ago
2019 NFL Mock Draft 1-Round
First, 32 picks mock draft. You won't see any other mock results like this. This will be very entertaining.
Kenneth Wilson2 months ago
AAF: A Few Reasons the Alliance of American Football May Be Here to Stay
Usually, the day after the Superbowl signals the long wait until August, when football once again kicks off. Not this year, though, and the AAF are the ones to thank. The Alliance of American Football...
Ryan McCombs3 months ago
Grading the New NFL Head Coaching Hires
Breaking Down the Coaching Carousel
Ryan Kennedy3 months ago
College Football's Talking Heads Should STFU
Troy Aikman in 85, Jeff George in 86, JJ Watt, Nick Foles, and Ryan Mallett in 07, Baker Mayfield in 14, and Kyler Murray in 15—all transferred schools with multiple years of eligibility remaining. Ev...
Jenn Melon3 months ago
What Viewers Actually Thought About the 2019 Super Bowl
Last year, the Super Bowl was truly memorable. It included a flawless halftime performance, a great game, and hilarious commercials. The Super Bowl has always been known for these iconic accessories t...