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Matthew Bailey10 months ago
6 MMA Fighters Who Are Just As Nerdy As You
Not often do we hear about a crossover between mixed martial mrts and nerd culture, yet recently it's become more common for people in any of the common fandoms like #popculture, #anime, #gaming or ev...
Paul Zuniga10 months ago
Dana White Offers McGregor Fight to Mayweather. Will It Be a Boxing or an MMA Fight?
In a recent appearance on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Dana White made some astounding comments which could be the first step to setting up a fight between the UFC's Conor McGregor and boxing star, Fl...
Dennis Begley10 months ago
Is Conor McGregor the Greatest MMA Fighter of All-Time?
Four years ago, an Irishman with a dream debuted in the UFC. In that debut, he won by knockout in the first round and earned his first "Knockout of the Night" award. This man's name was Conor McGregor...
Joe Burgett10 months ago
Kurt Angle and AJ Styles to Work WWE TLC, But Is It the Right Move?
When a case of Viral Meningitis affects your roster, what is a company to do, right? WWE knows how this feels better than most, as they have a case of this and mumps going around the WWE RAW locker ro...
Dennis Begley10 months ago
An Open Letter to Myself as a Younger Wrestler
Dear Dennis, Your last year of wrestling in high school will be an interesting one to say the least. I realize looking back now that I can't change the past and so the feelings I had back then won't c...
Cody David10 months ago
Why Millennials Need Martial Arts
It was a normal day like any other. I was distracted, not doing my assigned schoolwork and goofing off like I always did. I didn't know today would be the day that testing my training in Brazilian Jiu...