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SennaTypes I10 months ago
Wrestling, Why Wrestling?
Wrestling, the sport everyone looks at as dangerous, risky, time-consuming, and injury-inducing. I wrestle at J.M. Hanks High School. I am the varsity 132. This was my first year wrestling varsity and...
Michael Reynoso10 months ago
'WWE SmackDown Live' Review: Results, Surprises, and More!
Welcome, Wrestling fans!!! "The Iconic" duo debut!! Shinsuke Nakamura heel turn is complete!! Plus, the women’s division just got more fabulous!! I am yours truly, Michael, and I will review the Smack...
Rich Monetti10 months ago
GPS Wrestling in Armonk Is Ready to Roll Out Its Preseason Program
Wrestling takes tremendous commitment, and coaches love kids who are always ready to throw down. On the other hand, overdoing the commitment can induce a burn that leaves mat progress on the outs. “So...
Michael Reynoso10 months ago
'WWE: Raw After Wrestlemania' Results, Surprises, and More!
Welcome, Wrestling fans!! I am yours truly, Michael, and I want to thank everyone for checking out the Wrestlemania 34 review and tomorrow, I will be doing the “Smackdown Live” review as well. It’s go...
Vee Williams10 months ago
WWE Hall of Fame: Goldberg Leads Class of 2018, Dudley Boyz Put a Producer Through a Table
Once a year, the professional wrestling world has what is considered the Superbowl of professional wrestling hosted by the WWE. In what builds with excitement in the months prior known as the road to ...
James Bowering10 months ago
Drug Cheat or Dodgy Meat?
As a lifelong sports fan and an avid follower of all things boxing, I was hugely disappointed to hear that the biggest name in boxing had failed a drug test for banned performance enhancement clenbuterol. As the heir to the Mexican the throne and hero to millions of Mexicans Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez did not disappoint. Promoted by ‘Golden boy’ himself Oscar De La Hoya and employing the famous Mexican style of exciting, come forward, attacking boxing that Mexicans before him were famous for. It was ...
Bradl Preston10 months ago
Bray Oh Bray. The Bray Wyatt Issue
Bray Wyatt, without any hesitation, should be this generation’s Undertaker. When the man himself finally arrived on Monday Night Raw in the summer of 2013, expectations were extremely high; following ...
Patrick Dawson10 months ago
An Introduction to the End
For more than ten years I have defined myself by what I do. Many people on first hearing about my sport (the sport of Judo), do one of two, or both off the following things. Say "Hiiiyaaa - Judo Chop!...
Isaac Rawcliffe10 months ago
Why Conor McGregor Needs to Vacate His UFC Title
Conor McGregor has been holding the UFC Lightweight Division in limbo for over a year now. His last fight was in November 2016 where he miraculously defeated Eddie Alvarez to become the first person t...
Hillari Hunter10 months ago
What a Youth Amateur Boxing Coach Doesn't Want to Hear
What Parents Need to Realize About the Sport
Anela Corrales10 months ago
Top 3 UFC Cards in 2017
This year was jam packed with UFC events, 39 in total. The UFC really out did themselves with pay-per-views and fight nights almost every weekend. They kicked off the year with a card headlined by leg...
Paul Zuniga10 months ago
UFC 204 Main Card Preview: Who Will Stand Victorious, Bisping Or Hendo?
UFC 204 will see Michael Bisping defend his Middleweight Championship for the first time against none other than Dan Henderson. Both men are great fighters in their own right, and their career accompl...
hareem scott10 months ago
The Future Stars of Boxing
Now of course, boxing has been around for some time now and has produced some of the greatest champions the sport has ever seen, from Julio Cesar Chavez, one of the best—if not the greatest Mexican bo...
Tim sobers10 months ago
Tim's Story
Man have I had a crazy life! I lost my rock, my best friend, and the love of my life who is my mother and that's when things for me didn't go how I wanted it to go. I was young and very dumb! When my ...
JM Cox10 months ago
Wrestling Goliath
“COX!” “Yes, Coach?” “How much do you weigh?” “About 138.” “Can you get above 140? I want you to wrestle 152.” What was I going to say? Uh, no thanks Coach, that guy’s gonna be a lot bigger than me. S...
hareem scott10 months ago
Top 5 P4P, Who's the Very Best the Sweet Science Has to Offer as of Today?
Every now and again a handful of fighters emerge and stake their claim as the very best in the sport, and the boxing world begins to discuss who the very best P4P's are. These men are usually chosen b...
Michael Reynoso10 months ago
Wrestlemania 34 Review: Full Breakdown & Highlights!
What a strange ending!! I am not quite sure what we just saw. Wrestlemania 34 was mostly an entertaining night with various matches that totaled up to 14 in all. There were plenty of big moments, but ...
Paul Zuniga10 months ago
Dana White Refuses to Contact Jon Jones After Doping Violation
The latest news of Jon "Bones" Jones being removed from the main card of UFC 200 has come with some unforeseen consequences, for Jones that is. Since his removal from the fight on Wednesday (July 6th)...