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Brian C.6 days ago
UFC on ESPN+ 14 (AKA UFC Fight Night 156)
UFC Fight Night 156 from Uruguay was definitely a card worth looking at given the names that were on the card, and while some of those names were unrecognizable due to their "rookie" status within the...
Conor Miggan7 days ago
Putting the PC in UFC
The journey towards greater political correctness is one I generally support. You don’t get to be racist or sexist anymore? How sad for you. But we must manage our expectations. Our society places ath...
Brian C.12 days ago
If you're like me, there's a small handful of names that can make you really want to see a UFC event. Robbie Lawler is definitely one of those names. For the past several weeks I've been pumped up abo...
Curtis Heggs15 days ago
WWE, Shame on You!!!
Just when you thought Brock Lesnar's defeat to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania was the end of the Beast, he rears his ugly head with his advocate Paul Heyman leading the charge. Brock will go down in his...
SKYLERIZED 24 days ago
Reason First: Ban Boxing Immediately (Part II)
This is an appeal to the head. The brain. That most sacred of bodily organs. The heart is but a glorious and glorified pump. That’s it. The cessation of all forms of boxing should go into effect immed...
Johann Hollar25 days ago
I know many of you are aware of the bloody spectacle that was the gladiator matches. You are also probably aware of how the "Christian" Emperor Theodosius I had the games banned after imposing Christi...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Reason First: Ban Boxing Immediately
End boxing now. Non-professional, semi-pro, professional. All of it should be banned. The death of boxer Maxim Dadashev is just another example of why this brutal “sport” should be retired forever. Li...
Hillari Huntera month ago
A Sport That Needs to Be Clean
Professional boxing has often had the reputation of being a dirty sport. Movies like Requiem For A Heavyweight (1962) and The Harder They Fall (1956) have depicted questionable practices in the sport....
Neal Litherland2 months ago
Bartitsu: The Original Mixed Martial Art
Who would win in a fight? It's a conversation we've all had at one point in time or another. A heavyweight boxer against a judo master? An Olympic wrestler versus a Brazilian Jujitsu fighter? Obama in...
Neal Litherland2 months ago
How to Knock Someone Out with One Punch
Anyone who's ever watched a fight knows how impressive a one-shot knockout can be. And anyone who's ever actually been in a fight knows that it's a lot harder to pull off than it looks in the movies. ...
Jeffrey Fontanos2 months ago
A Message to the Casual Viewers of Boxing Like Stephen A. Smith
When a game happens in most sports, we don't go in 100% of the time expecting for the same team to win. We hope for a good game. If baseball gave us the Yankees vs Red Sox every year, there wouldn't b...
WatchMojo 2 months ago
The Tragic Real Life Story of Eddie Guerrero
Some professional wrestlers are legends because of what they've done in the ring. Others become icons thanks to who they were behind the scenes, inspiring everyone around them on a daily basis.
Neal Litherland3 months ago
Glima: The Martial Art Created by the Vikings
When the Norsemen sailed out of Scandinavia, they quickly cultivated a bloody and fearsome reputation. Brutal warriors and vicious raiders, they were also skilled sailors and navigators, and they esta...
Steve Fusinato3 months ago
Three Things All Elite Wrestling Must Do Differently than WWE
It's safe to say AEW's pay per view premiere on Saturday, May 25 is one of the most anticipated professional wrestling events of the past twenty years. The hype train has been rolling ever since Cody,...
SKYLERIZED 3 months ago
Reason First: Can Boxer Adrien Broner Be Redeemed?
Boxer Adrien Broner is in crisis. In an Instagram post, Broner declared that he didn’t “want to live.” After a battery of legal and street nonsense, Broner has handled losing to boxer Manny Pacquiao i...
David Wyld3 months ago
The Fight in Little Phoenix
Trust me. We parents have all been there. The setting could be a sports field or a kitchen table. The matter at hand could be trying to hit even a slowly thrown baseball or calculating the answer to a...
Al Stover3 months ago
Joshua-Ruiz Is Not the Fight We Want, but Probably What We Deserve
Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua will make his United States boxing debut after all. Reports confirmed that Joshua will defend his WBA Super, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles against Andy Ruiz Jr. on June 1 at Madison Square Garden. The trip to MSG will be the first fight for Joshua on American soil since he turned pro in 2013, though Ruiz was not his original opponent. Joshua was set to take on Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller until the latter was recently suspended for failing multiple drug tes...
Al Stover3 months ago
Combat Sports Night at a Bar Can Be Fun
After a long day of the district softball tournament, I went to Wild Rivers Bar and Grill in East Wenatchee for a couple of cold ones and dinner to end the day. As I arrived, I noticed a few of the television screens showing the Emanuel Navarrete-Isaac Dogboe rematch, which was the co-feature bout to the Miguel Berchelt and Francisco Vargas title fight. Both the Navarrete-Dogboe, and main event were entertaining. I munched on my roast beef sandwich and consumed my Bud Light as Navarrete earned t...