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John Edwardsa year ago
Picking Apart Marc Kasowitz’s Statement
The Comey testimony was this Thursday, and while most of it was spoiled by Comey releasing his opening statement ahead of time, it was still an entertaining watch. While I don’t have exact numbers, ju...
Stone Strankmana year ago
16 Questions to Kyrie Irving About the Earth Being Flat
As you may have heard or read on social media, Kyrie Irving thinks the world is flat. He really thinks the world is flat. He went to Duke for a year and still thinks the world is flat. He had to have ...
Harrison Wiera year ago
Why ESPN Is Failing
10,000 — the amount of subscribers ESPN loses on average per day. That alarming number seems to be taking its toll on the ‘Worldwide Leader in Sports.’ Want to know just how big this toll is? ESPN lai...