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Rich Monetti10 months ago
How Kids Lose When Everyone Gets a Trophy
It has come to my attention that children playing sports today get too many trophies. From what I've seen, most children have more trophies than I have socks. I wonder who exactly this serves. Unlike ...
Nicola Young10 months ago
The Lonely Sports
People love to talk about the "community" aspect of sports. They talk about the sense of belonging that comes from being part of a team, about the human instinct to work together and how sports facili...
Nate Quellhorsta year ago
Music City Is a Sports Town
Nashville, Tennessee, A.K.A. Music City. This southern metropolis has been the dream of every starry-eyed wannabe singer/songwriter that wants to make it big for decades. Well, not anymore! OK, so a t...
Connor Brightona year ago
10 of the All-Time Coolest Jerseys in Sports
Stadiums and jerseys are not given as much attention as players and coaches are by the media. However, they can be just as big a part of the team as any star player—maybe even more so. Many of basebal...
Brad Goulda year ago
The Most Famous Sports Rivalries
Isn't it the best feeling when you check your team's schedule and see that matchup with your most hated rival coming up? There's just something about rivalry games, everyone gets excited for them. It ...
Adrian Scotta year ago
Countries With the Most Winter Olympic Medals
Norway is certainly the front-runner when it comes to the Winter Olympics, but who else ranks among the best? With over 40 countries winning at least one medal since the beginning of the winter games ...
Kelsey Langea year ago
Most Successful College Sports Programs
From the University of Florida to Duke University, these are the most successful college sports programs to portray some of the best athleticism on the collegiate level. From football to basketball, v...
Mike Ferrya year ago
Why Your Sports Team's Loss Is Bad for You
This might be considered a character flaw, but I'll admit it. My mood depends mightily on the successes (or failures) of the University of North Carolina's sports teams. During the fall, I'm elated wh...
Jeffrey Boadia year ago
Professional Sports; Honest Competition or Lucrative Entertainment?
Professional sport. A dominator of media outlets. A magnet attracting thousands of fans who flock to mass events on any given weekend. A creator of bonds between like-minded fans; a cultivator of riva...
Natalie Santanaa year ago
Can You Find the Hidden Meanings in These Sports Logos?
Have you ever really taken a good look at your favorite sports team’s logo? Or, maybe you’ve spent far too much time glaring angrily at your least favorite sports team’s logo as you jab at its effigy ...
Earvin Allena year ago
A Guide to Surviving a Super Bowl Party
Attending a Super Bowl party is a staple in modern day American society. Whether you’re a diehard fan of the sport, in it for the commercials, or just like free food, you’re bound to find yourself elb...
Koby Palimakaa year ago
Ten Things I'm Thankful For This Week
This is the introduction of a new weekly segment called “Ten things I'm thankful for this week.” Every week there’s hundreds of fun and exciting stories happening in the world of sports and I’ve decid...
Jack McDonough a year ago
Top Ten Ways Professional Sports Have Changed
And How These Changes Benefit the Viewer
Zach Cronina year ago
The Best And Worst Sides To Put Out On Thanksgiving
Unless you don’t like your family, Thanksgiving is an enjoyable holiday. The premise is simple: be grateful for all that you have, no matter what. It’s a sweet thesis. Unlike Christmas, which is most ...
Sandy Muia year ago
Unanswered Questions From How to Get Away With Murder's Midseason Finale
The first half of Season 4 of How to Get Away With Murder concluded on Thursday, and there were many shocking revelations. Simon Drake (Behzad Dabu) was the latest victim of the Keating Four's shenani...
Justin Richardsa year ago
Wake Up Mr. West
Music has changed since the turn of the decade. Projects have replaced albums and mixtapes. CDs have joined their plastic "retro" with the streaming service battle taking almost a year break between p...
Justin Richardsa year ago
Blake Griffin Dunks on the Kardashian Curse
Click here to listen to the We're Working On It podcast, and subscribe to the podcast for weekly content. Since the start of the 2014-15 season, Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has missed 8...
Adam Stefanika year ago
Anthem Protests Aren't Disrespectful
Anthem protests have become a very divisive topic this year. They have attracted a lot of discussion and sometimes heated debate. I find myself firmly on the side of the players. I didn't always feel ...