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Winners Only2 months ago
MEAC's Championship Questions
On May 3-4, we head to from our home state of Ohio to Greensboro, NC to see the MEAC Outdoor Track and Field Championships. We have a few questions going into the meet that includes some of the top pe...
Cara Celestin2 months ago
My Experience Joining a Volleyball Team
Three weeks ago, I decided to join a volleyball team. It's not the Olympics or anything like that, it's just a district team in the church. It might not be a big of a deal, but for a very non-sporty, ...
Winners Only2 months ago
Making Big Moves
Warren, Elliott, Chandler, and others, shake up the NCAA.
DJ Grand2 months ago
Sports Apologies
Sports athletes are human and the teams they play for are made up of humans. When they err, as humans will do occasionally, to whom do they owe an apology to? Do they owe and apology at all? Since the...
Winners Only2 months ago
She's a Big Girl Now
"I thought that entering the professional world would be a piece of cake. Like turning the lights on. It's not. My freshman year, I thought I was gonna be on a beach somewhere, working out, training p...
Winners Only2 months ago
Interesting Talents of the Jesse Owens Track Classic Prepare for Action
This weekend the Jesse Owens Track Classic will take place at Jesse Owens Stadium, in Columbus, Ohio on the campus of Ohio State. Winners Only is here to provide you with a handful of talents to check...
Winners Only2 months ago
College Track & Field 50
The sport of track and field is loaded with many talented performers that many of you may not know about until the Olympics roll around. Winners Only is doing its part to change that, so without furth...
Dawn Elizabeth2 months ago
Delusional or Devout?
As I write this, I am sat wearing my Norwich City Football Club t-shirt, in my Norwich City hoodies drinking out of my #22 Mug courtesy of my birthday. So naturally, it would come as no surprise that ...
Winners Only2 months ago
Rising to the Top of Track and Field
Talented Performers Aim to Be the Best in the NCAA
DJ Grand2 months ago
Fan Behavior in Sports
Something has happened to sports fans. No longer is it acceptable to local fans, for anyone, whether resident or visitor, to cheer on an opposing team, and woe to thee who wears the opponent’s jersey....
Winners Only2 months ago
Gabby Thomas and Other Sprinters Rise in Rankings Over Weekend
Pro runner Gabby Thomas won the 100-meter dash on April 13, at the Gamecock Invitational in Columbia, S.C. The former Harvard star, was running for USATF High Performance, when she recorded a personal...
Q-ell Betton2 months ago
The Tiger in the Woods
Tiger never cheated. Possibly the greatest golfer the sport has ever seen, he did not fall from grace due to—like so many sportsmen before him—a desire to win by any means, regardless of the possible ...
Donna Maurer2 months ago
Extreme Sports to Satisfy Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie
Are you a risk taker, especially when it comes to sports? Most any sport will raise your adrenaline level, but certain extreme sports will really satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie. These sports req...
Winners Only2 months ago
Kianna Gray Wins 100-Meter Dash in 11.12 at Tennessee Relays
Kianna Gray beat a field of 32 in the 100-meter dash at the Tennessee Relays on April 12, in Knoxville, Tenn.
Rich Monetti2 months ago
Fox Lane Sports Moments to Remember
Here's a look back at some great Fox Lane Sports moments.
Figure Skating | 2019 World Team Trophy Men's Short Program Recap
Welcome back to coverage of the 2019 World Team Trophy Men’s Short Program. Before we begin, here are the standings after the Ladies' Short Program. Russia Japan USA France Canada Italy I am going to ...
Winners Only2 months ago
Top Ten Rankings: 100-Meter Dash Times in NCAA Division I
NCAT's Kayla White Has Fastest Time in the Nation
Winners Only2 months ago
Cincinnati's Chandler Rocks the House with Win in 200-Meter Dash
Cincinnati's Caisja Chandler dominated the 200-meter dash at the Oliver Nikoloff Invitational, in Cincinnati, Saturday, April 6. The American Athletic Conference Indoor Freshman of the Year is making ...