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Craig Middleton2 days ago
All Time Favorite Game
Who doesn’t like keeping up with their favorite sports team? With new technology, comes different ways of following sports. Just be sure to share the info with everyone.
David Wyld3 days ago
In Praise of the Greatest Ad in the History of Women's Sports
“We don’t have balls. But we know how to use them.”
Winners Only5 days ago
Ohio Heat's Meet Full of Wins
The Ohio Heat had a strong showing at the Columbus Panthers Invitational at Harley Field in Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, June eighth. In the Boys 100-meter dash pee-wee division, the Heat got a first pla...
Craig House12 days ago
What Can I Do Now the Football Season Is Over?
The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and the trophies have been lifted. The club football season is over. So what will we do with our weekends, now that there are no 3PM kick-offs, no Super Sundays, and no football on a Monday night? It’s a conundrum that pops up every year, but there are some solutions. So here are just a few things that you can do to fill that football-sized hole in your life.
Dean Ayoob12 days ago
This Isn't the World Cup
It was a highly contested soccer match between Serra High School and Valley Christian High School, two West Catholic Athletic League opponents battling it out on the pitch on a Saturday morning. The W...
Winners Only13 days ago
Ohio High School Track Recap
The high school athletes in Ohio concluded their track and field season May 30 through June 1, at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Here's a quick wrap-up of some of the many highlights ...
Moving Forward for Women in Sports Media
Ghana held the first ever Africa Women's Sports Summit on May 15, bringing women around the continent in sports journalism together to celebrate the gains made for female reporters. With six speakers and more than 60 reporters in attendance, the event spanned four hours and aimed to better connect women in sports media. International sports journalist Juliet Bawuah founded the summit with a theme of owning one's space and taking a place at the table, or press room in this case. Nevertheless, spo...
Wilson Yinsen20 days ago
4 Athletes Who Show the Importance of Workout Variety
People who focus on personal fitness tend to understand the value of mixing things up. Or at least, it’s something we tend to learn to do as we get older. For instance, an athlete who’s used to team c...
DJ Grand21 days ago
Conspiracy Theories in Professional Sports
Did we land on the moon? Are there aliens in Area 51? Although there are definitive answers to each of those, that’s not always the case when it comes to conspiracy theories in professional sports. Al...
One Player's Influence on a Nation
First and foremost, Canada has been and will always be a country that prides itself with hockey. It has a huge history of greats, stories of glory and humiliating defeat. I guess that's what building ...
Winners Onlya month ago
All-Amazing Track and Field Honors
Now that all of the college outdoor track and field championships have concluded, we've decided to present the first ever All-Amazing honors brought to you by Winners Only. Not to be confused with the...
Al Stovera month ago
Dear Sports Fans: Keep It Civil
One thing I love about covering sports is that I get to move around the field, or in some cases, the court, and snap photos of the action. On some occasions, I even get to interact with fans. I like fans, and I understand that emotions can run high depending on the contest, and what’s at stake. Yet, it bothers me, whether it’s covering an event, or watching a sporting event from a local pub, when I hear folks from the comfort of their chairs insult officials. I understand the criticism, and I kn...
Craig Middletona month ago
Fun At-Home Sports
There are those days or months where the weather doesn't allow for outdoor activities or sports one would normally engage in. This doesn't mean you can't play at home. Out of the hundreds of sports th...
Jordan Casareza month ago
Attitudes of the Student Athlete Starts at Home
Some of us have been there. Either as an athlete or a parent, we’ve gone to “Code of Conduct” meetings and sat while the coaches went over expectations and standards that they expect during the upcomi...
Winners Onlya month ago
Isom, Elliott, Shipley and Thompson Take Horizon League Crowns
Thrilling Weekend Ends with Electric Finishes and Upsets
Winners Onlya month ago
Kayla White–World's Fastest Woman
"I do think that this has shaken up a lot of things for a lot of people. I think that people should stay tuned to see what she's capable of because her season is not done yet, and neither is she." -Ki...
Paisley Hansena month ago
How to Mentally Prepare Yourself to Excel in Sports
Preparing yourself to excel in sports is something that has many times been thought of to be done in the gym and at a practice session. However, there are plenty of ways that you can mentally prepare ...
Winners Only2 months ago
Horizon League's Championship Questions
After our trip to the MEAC Championships, this Friday and Saturday, we will spend Sunday at the Horizon League Championships. While the Horizon League may not have a ton of national qualifiers, it ser...