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William Ricks3 months ago
What Is Kyrie Irving's Future in Boston?
Kyrie Irving began the NBA season telling the Boston fans he'd love to re-sign with them if they'd have them. Fast forward to around the trade deadline and the all-star break, he somewhat backtracked ...
William Ricks3 months ago
How the L.A. Lakers Can Make the NBA Playoffs
The Lakers are in a tough spot coming down the stretch of the NBA season. They are currently outside of the top eight in the west, and if you follow basketball, that means they aren't in the playoff p...
Nic Zammit3 months ago
Do or Die!
In what was really a do or die game for the Lakers (most of them are now), they managed to best the Pelicans 125-119 at the Staples Center Wednesday night. Coming off the back of intense public scruti...
Cameron Clara4 months ago
Lakers Playoff Push
With LeBron James making the playoffs in 13 consecutive seasons, could this year have a different outcome? LeBron James has been a top basketball player ever since he was drafted back in 2003. He was ...
Rilee Stapleton4 months ago
What Could’ve Been
LeBron James has been talked about since his high school days and, obviously, that early hype has translated rather well. Over the past few years, we’ve seen that he can take some underwhelming roster...
William Ricks4 months ago
What D'Angelo Russell's Rise Means for the Brooklyn Nets
If any team has caught the attention of the National Basketball Association, along with its fanbase, the Brooklyn Nets are definitely one of them. After the all-star break, they find themselves in the...
David Wyld4 months ago
How #ZionsShoe Could Change Sports Branding Forever
It was a "pop" heard, seen and talked about around the world. Suddenly, the sports world came to a halt because in perhaps the biggest game of the year, college basketball's biggest star—well, his sho...
William Ricks4 months ago
Why Paul George Could Actually Be This Year's MVP
Russ was fouled out, it was double overtime, and time was low. Paul George was against Joe Ingles and made a decisive move to the basket. Stepping through Ingles and Ricky Rubio, George floated the ba...
Timothy Kohut4 months ago
How to Improve Your Jump Shot
Although I am a huge fan of basketball, at 5'9" and with a vertical jump of a penguin, I'm not necessarily a "menace" on the court. However, I have managed to alter that stigma recently, thanks to a m...
Thuurd .I4 months ago
Anthony Davis Struggles in 30-Point Loss to Magic
After 24 minutes on the floor, the New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis was unable to get the job done. In addition to the off-the-court drama that has grabbed the attention of NBA enthusiasts, ...
Ryan Kennedy4 months ago
No AD? No Problem
Three Headlines from a Very Busy NBA Trade Deadline
Ryan McCombs4 months ago
Winners and Losers of the NBA Trade Deadline
After the dust has settled from another crazy NBA trade deadline with 23 trades completed on deadline day or the week leading up to the deadline, I took a look at some of this year's winners and loser...
William Ricks4 months ago
Despite Win, New Orleans Pelicans, Anthony Davis' Situation Will Be Awkward Remainder of the Season
The New Orleans Pelicans didn't trade Anthony Davis. Despite his public trade request, New Orleans decided to keep the All-NBA big man, and he played in his first game since that request Friday night ...
Shandon Pendleton4 months ago
All-Star Snubs
The All-Star game rosters were just announced and some of the best players in the league were added. However, there were lots of snubs this year and lots of fans are a little salty. So let's take a lo...
William Ricks4 months ago
The New York Knicks Won Their Trade with the Mavericks
Last week, the Knicks gave the NBA a shock as they traded away their forward Kristaps Porzingis to the Mavericks. Many Knick fans scratched their heads as to why they would make such a move, especiall...
Shandon Pendleton4 months ago
AD to the Lakers?
This Anthony Davis news has been crazy. I’ve seen more coverage on this than I have on the Super Bowl. Question is: Where is AD gonna end up? The other day AD came out and said that he didn’t want to ...
Timothy Kohut4 months ago
The 10 Best Coaches in the NBA
The art of coaching is one of the more under-appreciated aspects of professional sports. The NBA, in particular, has seen plenty of coaches come and go, yet they don't seem to get the credit they trul...
William Ricks5 months ago
The Lakers Can Be the Next Super Team in the NBA
The Los Angeles Lakers are at an interesting spot in their season. With the trade deadline approaching, they have been one of the teams experts and fans have been talking about possibly making moves b...