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Owen McGrattan2 years ago
Building a New Future for Baseball
Every year we debate how baseball must adapt to save itself from dying and draw a wider audience. Pace of play comes to the forefront, and for good reason, as the casual fan can grow tired of sitting ...
Owen McGrattan2 years ago
The D-Backs Are Sneaky Good
If you haven’t paid attention to the D-Backs this year, you should now. The NL West playoff odds currently look like this:
Quinn Allen2 years ago
Nolan Arenado Is the Best Third Basemen in the MLB
There are many talented players that patrol the hot corner in baseball: Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson, and Adrian Beltre, amongst many others. But Colorado Rockies’ third basemen Nolan Arenado is the ...
John Edwards2 years ago
Who Is the Culprit Behind #RallyDildo?
On Friday, Cinco De Mayo, the New York Mets had every reason to be celebrating — they had just completed their biggest come from behind victory of the year, overcoming a 6 run deficit to beat the Miam...
Owen McGrattan2 years ago
Hunter Strickland and Bryce Harper Got Into a Fight and it Was Equal Parts Hilarious and Disappointing
First off the Nationals won the game 3–0, but who cares because you came here for a good ol’ fashioned fight! Before we get into it I just want to make clear that I will NOT get into any discussion on...
John Edwards2 years ago
Breaking Down the WBC: Pool A
The “World Series” is a misnomer — the final round of MLB playoffs only determines the best team in America/Canada. The true “World Series” is the World Baseball Classic, where the top baseball teams ...
Owen McGrattan2 years ago
Ace Mentality: Kershaw, Sale, and Scherzer
It’s been a wonderful year for Tier 1 pitchers. Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, and Max Scherzer are all seemingly at the top of their game — and they’re damn fun to watch. When I write about players, I ...
John Edwards2 years ago
Optimizing the WBC
The World Baseball Classic is having one of its best tournaments ever. From surprise contender Israel to dramatic extra-inning victories, with a healthy bit of rules drama sprinkled in for good measur...
Quinn Allen2 years ago
White Sox Prospect Michael Kopech Has Electric Stuff
Michael Kopech is just 21 years old, but he has the fastball of some of the best pitchers in the big leagues. The Texas native was taken by the Red Sox in the first round of the 2014 draft, and was ac...
Owen McGrattan2 years ago
Is the AL Wild Card Race Bringing Out More Fans?
The AL Wild Card race has been a crazy mess of ups and downs and teams going in and out. The two-team system that has been in place since 2012 was designed to make more teams try and compete and hopef...
John Edwards2 years ago
Miguel Montero Cost Miguel Montero His Job, Not Trea Turner
Miguel Montero had quite the fall from grace. After a very rough night behind the plate, allowing 7 steals by the Nationals (including 4 by rising Nationals superstar Trea Turner), Montero gave a very...
John Edwards2 years ago
Charlie Blackmon Goes Golfing
Baseball players have been known to have a fondness for golfing. After all, it’s just like baseball, except nobody’s trying to throw the ball past you. Famous baseball golfers include Yoenis Cespedes,...
John Edwards2 years ago
Replacing Gleyber Torres
The city that never sleeps received another piece of bad news Monday — the reeling Yankees, who have lost 6 straight to west-coast teams that they were supposed to steamroll, learned that top prospect...
Vismay Pandia2 years ago
Dodgers Add Familiar Value
This last month has been stocked with trade rumors revolving around Brian Dozier and the LA Dodgers. What will or has happened can only be determined by baseball media tweets or by official team press...
John Edwards2 years ago
How Mike Trout Can Get Even Better
OF Mike Trout is undoubtedly the best baseball player of the 21st century. He even makes a strong case for best player ever — no player has ever accumulated more WAR through their age-24 season than T...
John Edwards2 years ago
Give Edgar Martinez His Due
There is no position more debated than that of the designated hitter. Ever since its introduction to the American League in 1973, fans have been split — should the National League introduce it? Should...
John Edwards2 years ago
Rafael Devers Did the Impossible
Aroldis Chapman is not immune to home runs. He’s given up 19 of them in the regular season in his 8 year career. What’s crazy is that only one has before come off a 102+ MPH, and none have come off of...
John Edwards2 years ago
We’ll Be Back: The Most Intriguing Prospects You Didn’t Notice in the MLB Draft
You’ve probably heard a few names tossed around in relation to the MLB Draft, which wrapped up earlier this week — Hunter Greene, the pitcher/batter extraordinaire, Brendan McKay, Louisville baseball ...