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NFL Week 5 Picks Against the Spread

Let the momentum from week 4 carry over to week 5.

Let's get this money (or at least try).

NFL Week 5

As I write this (Sunday morning, October 7), the Giants are basically done after looking like crap at home against the Saints in week 4.  Eli looked like crap again and it will probably be another long year for the NYG.  

Not a whole lot of motivation to watch them play today.  Am I secretly hoping the clouds clear up and it's a sunny afternoon so I can get a tan today and not be stuck in front of the TV watching football?  


However, I rebounded nicely in my picks against the spread last week; 3-1-1.  So here they are for week 5.  DON'T LET THE KID GET HOT!!!!

Saints -6.5

Cardinals +4

Broncos +1

Ravens -3

Vikings +3

Good luck to all those with action on the games and please let the sun come out today.

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NFL Week 5 Picks Against the Spread
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