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NFL Predictions: Week 5

Time for a Rethink

As we move into week five, teams are now thinking about ways in which to change their approach, especially those that have so far failed to have much success. But before we get to that, let’s have a quick look at my predictions from last week.

  • Vikings @ Rams: 3 points, as the Rams continued their great start to the season with a win.
  • Jets @ Jaguars: 1 point, as the Jaguars smashed the Jets in this matchup.
  • Dolphins @ Patriots: 0 points, as the Patriots found their form once again, and ran out as clear winners against the Dolphins.
  • Eagles @ Titans: 0 points, as the Titans beat the Eagles by 3 points.
  • Texans @ Colts: 0 points, as the Texans manage to come out with the win here.
  • Bills @ Packers: 0 points, as the Bills were unable to double down on their performance against the Vikings.
  • Lions @ Cowboys: 0 points, as the Cowboys pulled just ahead of the Lions on this occasion.
  • Buccaneers @ Bears: 0 points, as the Bears slammed the Fitzpatrick side into the ground with a big win.
  • Bengals @ Falcons: 0 points, as the Bengals win their first game in Atlanta since 1987.
  • Seahawks @ Cardinals: 0 points, as the Seahawks win with a time expiring 52 yard field goal.
  • Browns @ Raiders: 0 points, as the Browns lost to the Raiders in OT.
  • Saints @ Giants: 1 point, as the Saints led the way to win the game in New York.
  • 49ers @ Chargers: 1 point, as the Chargers recovered from an early pick 6 to win by 2.
  • Ravens @ Steelers: 0 points, as the Steelers continue to struggle this season.
  • Chiefs @ Broncos: 1 point, as the Chiefs came from behind to beat the AFC West rivals.

So a bad week for me, scoring only 7 points out of a possible 45. But I obviously hope to do a lot better this week. So here we go, with a reminder that the teams on bye this week are the Buccaneers and the Bears.

Colts @ Patriots

With Julian Edelman back, Tom Brady has another weapon he can add to his arsenal, and it is one which is much more used to his style. The Patriots are to reinstate their winning record.

Win prediction: Patriots by 14+ points

Titans @ Bills

A tough call in this one, but I’m giving the Titans the edge against a Bills team that may have been a one week wonder.

Win prediction: Titans by 3-7 points

Giants @ Panthers

The Giants are going to have a tough time down in Carolina, and it is going to show as the Panthers should run in a safe victory here.

Win prediction: Panthers by 7-14 points

Dolphins @ Bengals

Another hard game to call, but I think the Dolphins will just manage to edge this one out against the Bengals.

Win prediction: Dolphins by 3-7 points

Ravens @ Browns

I think this will be a good game, but one that the Browns will lose this time around.

Win prediction: Ravens by 3-7 points

Packers @ Lions

With Rodgers back in his stride, this should be a straightforward win for the Packers here, as the Lions will have to wait at least another week for their next win.

Win prediction: Packers by 14+ points

Jaguars @ Chiefs

The Chiefs' win margin has been getting smaller almost weekly, and are now going up against what is arguably the best defence in the league. Jaguars are to inflict the Chiefs’ first defeat.

Win prediction: Jaguars by 3-7 points

Broncos @ Jets

This should be a nice win for the Broncos, but one that could slip away should their concentration waver.

Win prediction: Broncos by 3-7 points

Falcons @ Steelers

The Falcons can capitalise here against a Steelers team that has so far struggled this year. I think the Falcons have a good chance of winning this one.

Win prediction: Falcons by 3-7 points

Raiders @ Chargers

The Raiders grabbed their first win against the Browns last week in OT, whilst the Chargers recovered from an early deficit to win against San Francisco. I think the Chargers will just about edge this game at home.

Win prediction: Chargers by 3-7 points

Vikings @ Eagles

This is a tough one to call, but I think that the Vikings will take their revenge for their missing out on a home Superbowl.

Win prediction: Vikings by 3-7 points

Cardinals @ 49ers

This is the best chance so far for the Cardinals to gain their first win, after pushing both the Bears and the Seahawks to the wire. This could finally be that first W for Arizona.

Win prediction: Cardinals by 3-7 points

Rams @ Seahawks

The Rams will eventually lose a game, but it won’t be against a below par Seahawks team.

Win prediction: Rams by 7-14 points

Cowboys @ Texans

The battle of Texas, and I think the Cowboys will win this, buoyed by their win over the Lions.

Win prediction: Cowboys by 3-7 points

Redskins @ Saints

The Saints should continue their fine form with a win over the Redskins during Monday Night Football this week.

Win prediction: Saints by 7-14 points

That's it for this week.

A couple of interesting games this week leaves us with a fun week of football ahead. Have fun watching, everyone.

Alex's Predictions

Week 4: 7/45 - 4 correct winners, 1 correct winner and score, 10 incorrect

Week 3: 16/48 - Seven correct winners, three correct winners and scores, six incorrect

Week 2: 16/48 - Four correct winners, four correct winners and scores, eight incorrect

Week 1: 15/48 - Six correct winners, three correct winners and scores, seven incorrect