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NFL Is Just Around the Corner

Don't blink or you'll miss the off-season.

2018 NFL Season is about to commence.

Attention all you NFL fanatics! I know you guys have been waiting for the 2018 season to begin since the last whistle blew at Super Bowl 52. The time is almost here, just hang in there for two more months. When I say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I really do mean it!

As the NFL free agency period and Draft have closed and all 32 teams are looking towards the future; there is just one more leap to jump over before getting the season underway. We are officially in the last moments of the offseason that get us all pumped up for a successful season (well, hopefully). Anyways, back to the excruciating leap that we have to endure before getting to that date circled on your calendar; September 6th, 2018. Close your eyes for a minute and it will be here and then you'll be wondering how did it go by so fast? First, we have to get past the start of organized team activities (OTA's) and training camp. As fans of our respected teams, we pray that in this final stage that players do not run into a significant injury. History will tell us though, that very few teams come out of training camp unscathed. There is an upside though, fans get to see a glimpse of the team and the players abilities to do their assigned role within the team. I personally like this process when rookies and undrafted free agents get to shine but there is this feeling about it that doesn't fill you up. Then comes preseason when all the teams actually play with their number two, three, four, and even five guys. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's basically just backups proving themselves worthy. If they aren't worthy enough to be on the team based off of how they play, then most likely they won't make the final 53 man roster. One of the downsides of this stage is when you are really impressed with a player but unfortunately, your team's general manager isn't and he ends up cutting him. After that, here comes the moment you've all been waiting for. The regular season has officially begun! 

Now, the season has officially started but where are the speculations and questions? There is a question probably everyone is asking at this time and that's "Who will be in Super Bowl 53?" Of course, it's still too early to determine that and it's a question rarely anyone can answer correctly. My prediction on it is probably irrelevant to most people but I am entitled to my opinion right? I'm going to predict the Dallas Cowboys will be representing the NFC and the Jacksonville Jaguars will represent for the AFC. Who wins? That'll be a question for another time. Overall, most every team who made the playoffs last year are destined not to make it this year. When you look back at NFL history; it will tell and show you what I am talking about.  

So many questions with so much time left. Unpredictable? Of course! Patience is key and for your team to get their hands on that Lombardi Trophy, it takes a great amount of effort and working smart and hard. When the time gets here it'll be an exciting one but until then it is a slow journey. Who will dethrone the Eagles? Who wins Super Bowl 53? Will the Cleveland Browns be any good this season? We'll have to wait to find out but the process of getting there is nerve-wrecking.

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NFL Is Just Around the Corner
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