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Madison Square Garden Won’t Be Set On Fire Just Yet

Porzingis is safe for now, and the Knicks added another Euro player so we will see if Phil Jackson’s head is safe much longer

Thursday night Frank Ntilikina was selected 8th overall by the New York Knicks. Phil Jackson selected the unknown European player in the lottery for the second time in three years. The first European player in the lottery he selected was Kristaps Porzingis, who was booed on draft night, but is now a fan favorite. Oh, and yeah, Phil Jackson is taking in trade offers about Porzingis right now too. What a great way to piss off already hurting New York fans. That’s one way to get you killed, Phil. For now, as of the 22nd of June, Madison Square Garden and Phil Jackson’s head is safe.

Frankie Smokes, Frank Nicotine, Frank Neeleekeena, Frenchie Frank, whatever you want to call him, he’s a New York Knick now and has been given the keys to the old, outdated, broken down triangle offense. Congratulations Frank, you might want to light yourself on fire by the end of next season, much like I did tonight when the Knicks passed up on Malik Monk.

I was sitting at the dinner table with my parents after my mom had made a family favorite taco night dinner, and the NBA Draft was on the TV on silent. Ntilikina’s name popped up when the Knicks made their decision and I knew Monk was still on the board and my hands immediately dropped my taco and my head went into my hands. Malik Monk would’ve lit Madison Square Garden and their suffering fans all the way up with crazy scoring bursts and 9–12 shooting from three pointers in one game. Monk would’ve been the fire that the Knicks needed to start a run during game where they were down. Monk was the player I was hoping would fall to the Knicks at eight, and maybe I was wrong. Maybe Monk’s defense and other facets of his game wouldn’t have been good for New York. Maybe he wouldn't be able to transition into a true point guard that the Knicks truly need, but wow, can anyone imagine what it would’ve been like if Monk was a Knick and put up 50 in the Garden?

Ntilikina is around 6'5" with a seven foot wingspan and is reportedly suuuuuuper good at defense. Defense was a huge problem for the Knicks last year, but so was basically everything imaginable basketball wise. Derrick Rose is not the point guard that the Knicks need, and I’m not sure that Ntilikina is either. What I do know is that Phil Jackson does not need to be putting a fan favorite unicorn up for trade. Maybe you know you shouldn’t trade Kristaps when like all 29 other teams call your phone wondering what they have to give up to get him. Porzingis is a unicorn, and he still hasn’t turned 22. Phil Jackson, he is the future. Please do not get rid of our future. Also, I didn’t hate Frankie Smokes on Lottery night back in May, and I still don’t hate him because I haven’t seen him play. But if he’s the worst player in the lottery this year and Malik Monk comes to the Garden and hangs 50 on the Knicks, you can guarantee that I actually will light myself on fire.

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Madison Square Garden Won’t Be Set On Fire Just Yet
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