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How Good Actually Is LeBron James Jr?

LeBron James Jr. is the 13-year-old son of LeBron James. "Bronny", as he is nicknamed, has already pulled scholarship offers from major schools like Duke and Kentucky. Is he overrated or is he actually as good as the media makes him look?

Being the son of arguably the best basketball player of all time can be hard enough without the media watching your every move. LeBron James Jr. is LeBron James's 13-year-old son who is already making headlines in major sports media outlets such as ESPN and The Undefeated. A lot of these media outlets overexaggerate how good he actually is, such as well know basketball YouTube channel Ball is Life. At the time this article is being written, Ball is Life has made 16 highlight videos featuring Lebron James Jr. and his AAU team North Coast Blue Chips, which is coached part-time by his father LeBron James. After personally evaluating these highlight videos, it is evident that LeBron James Jr. is good for his age, but he obviously isn't as good as the media claims he is. 

A lot of people wonder if LeBron James Jr. will become as good a basketball player as LeBron James or maybe even better. My answer to this is no. I don't believe that LeBron James Jr. will ever become as good as his father because he is lacking the grit and perseverance that makes LeBron James the competitor he is today. There is a major difference between how LeBron James grew up and how LeBron James Jr. is currently growing up.  LeBron grew up in an environment where he had to grow up quickly and focus on his goals. Even today with all his success, he still remains humble and hungry to get better. Since LeBron has been so successful he is able to give everything to his sons that he didn't have growing up. This is great for his sons, except for the fact that they will never experience the feeling of having a chip on your shoulder and having the world go against you. This is why I believe that LeBron James Jr. will never reach the level of success that LeBron James has reached. 

In conclusion, LeBron James Jr. the son of LeBron James will be a great basketball player but he will forever be burdened by his father's accomplishments.

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How Good Actually Is LeBron James Jr?
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