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Fox Lane Sports Moments to Remember

Millrose Runners and Soccer Supreme

Photo by NH53  

Here's a look back at some great Fox Lane Sports moments.

Relay 4X400 Team Gets Ready for Millrose Games

The Millrose Games are about as prestigious as it gets for track and field athletes. That said, qualifying for the competition definitely creates scholarship potential for the high school track star who get to lace up for this historic New York City venue. It's one that dates back a hundred years and partially had Fox Lane Track Coach Chris Dossena agreeing that his girls 4x400 relay team should take the long view of qualifying for Saturday’s running in the New York City.  But on the whole, he believes the opportunity represents something much more tangible.

“They will remember this for the rest of their lives,” said Dossena of Carmela Culhane, Vicky Martinez, Alison Moky and Senaca Warren.

The girls ran a 4:14.63 at the Section One League Meet on January 11, which broke the Fox Lane 4x400 meter record. The heat also got them a berth in the Millrose qualifier on January 14. The next step at the Armory on 168th Street landed the foursome a position at the gate on Saturday.

Thus Dossena is certainly encouraging his girls to see the possibilities, while riding out the exhilaration of just being there. “We could possibly finish in the top three, but it’s also about having a great experience,” said Dossena. “Because it’s wonderful when you can go to a meet that has so much energy and involves others who have also made running such a significant part of their lives.”

This includes athletes on the collegiate and professional level, and the inspiration will be inescapable. “It’s like going to Yankee Stadium, going on the field and having a catch with one of the Yankee players,” said Dossena.

Even so, track and field never creates the kind of buzz in the student body like basketball or football. But the nature of track and the camaraderie contained within takes care of the omission, according to the Fox Lane coach. “I think the lack of attention is made up for by the kids on the team because they are a very tight-knit group,” he said.

In turn, the 4x400 relay gives these girls a little something extra in comparison to simply running the 100 meters. “You’re not running as an individual, you’re running for the next person,” said Dossena.

Despite all the dedication that got them here, and even though it sounds a little like chasing their tails, Culhane, Martinez, Moky and Warren will still take the resulting whirlwind. “No one will ever be able to take this away from them,” Dossena concluded.

Fox Lane Sinks Clarkstown North 6-1

Things got awfully lonely Friday night for Fox Lane goaltender Edwin Colindres.  In fact, he incurred no notice until finally getting the chance to snuff a shot from Clarkstown North’s Dylan Allum with ten minutes left in the first half. The visiting goalie, on the other hand, had plenty of company.  On the run all night, the 6-1 route saw him chase plenty of synchronization off the foot of Senior Captain Isaac Sanabria—and teammates in wait—Juan Rivera, Owen Azrak and Javier Lopez.

Waiting almost an eternity of eight minutes to score, Javier Lopez didn’t waste much time to double down after sneaking it under the crossbar. Assisted by Owen Azrak this time, the Foxes had a two goal lead only 90 seconds later.

Containing on defense and keeping the pressure on at the other end, Sanabria and Rivera choreographed a number past the mystified Clarkstown defense with 15 minutes remaining. Sanabria  handled a high bouncing clear and lifted just above his defender.  Rivera then took another high bounce, which he was able to loft over the outstretched mitts of the helpless goalie.

After the break and a Clarkstown goal at 22:30, the duo went back to work again. Sanabria found a little daylight downfield and seemed to overrun the situation.  But he had plenty of deft to back pass the ball to Rivera.  Firing away, a sturdy Clarkstown shin thudded Rivera’s advance.  Undeterred, though, Rivera pounced on the block, got it back to Sanabria who once again found the nylon at 31:30.

The best was still saved for last, though. Facing down Clarkstown’s wall on a penalty kick, Sanabria directed an upward knuckleball that launched over the defenders and then dropped down just under the crossbar.

Clarkstown sunk from the scene soon after.

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Fox Lane Sports Moments to Remember
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