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For the Love of the Game: Fantasy Football and Other Soul Crushing Reasons to Keep Watching the NFL

Week 4 Picks ATS

So it's already week 4 of the NFL season.  Can't believe we are a month in already.

My feelings on the NFL as a whole are very mixed; it's entertaining yet the level of play is poor, the coaching has been really bad across the league and the refs don't seem to know the rules anymore. With all that said, there have been some fantastic finishes and a monster upset (the Bills winning outright while being a 17 point underdog last week).


The idea of betting football games keeps me somewhat interested in the league as a whole. Fantasy football SUCKS; it's soul crushing and I have no idea why I still participate in this stupidity. And while I am losing interest in the NFL, it is still something to do on a Sunday. So as a result, I have done my own personal "Super Contest" (pick 5 games against the spread) and see how I do.

After a decent start week 1 (4-2), the last two weeks have NOT yielded good results (0-5 week 2, 2-3 week 3). Minor setback for a major comeback.

See here are the 5 picks for week 4:

Lions +3

Seattle -3

Texans +1

Bengals +4

Browns +2.5 (can't believe I'm doing this but here we are...)

Good luck to all the bettors out there in Week 4 and clearly NBA season can't come soon enough.

Aaron's record ATS so far: 6-10 (yikes)...

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For the Love of the Game: Fantasy Football and Other Soul Crushing Reasons to Keep Watching the NFL
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