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Countries With the Most Winter Olympic Medals

Norway, the United States, and who? These are the top ten countries with the most winter Olympic medals.

Norway is certainly the front-runner when it comes to the Winter Olympics, but who else ranks among the best? 

With over 40 countries winning at least one medal since the beginning of the winter games in 1924, these ten countries have collectively earned almost 2,000 medals within the past 94 years, proving their success in both ice and snow. From Norway to Russia, these are the top countries with the most winter Olympic medals. 


Winning a total of 368 medals, Norway takes the number one spot on our list of the countries with the most winter Olympic medals. First beginning their history with the Winter Olympic Games 1924, Norway has won 132 gold medals in the games, which is an incredible feat for Winter Olympic history. 

Most known for their success in cross-country skiing, as well as speed skating, Norway's specialty is certainly in winter weather sports, but their Summer Olympic medals are just as impressive, bringing home 148 medals. 

United States

Beginning their history in the Winter Olympics the same year as Norway, 1924 started the journey to success for the United States. At the second place in the countries with the most winter Olympic medals, the US has won 305 medals at the games. 

Most known for their success in cross-country skiing, curling, and the luge, the US also has the legacy of Charles Jewtraw. Representing the US, Jewtraw was the first ever Winter Olympic champion, an American speed skater. 


Germany has a total of 240 medals, 92 of them being gold, 88 silver, and 87 bronze. As one of the top countries with the most winter Olympic medals, Germany first began their path toward success in 1924. 

Some of the leading sports for the county happen to be the biathlon, luge, speed skating, and bobsleigh, all bringing home prominent numbers of medals for their teams. Plus, they surprisingly hold the third spot in the most summer Olympic medals as well, bringing home 937 medals for the country throughout the years. 


Missing only one Olympic game, the 1920 Summer Olympics, since the beginning of the games, Austria holds the fourth spot on our list of the countries with the most winter Olympic medals. Winning a total of 232 medals, they have brought home 64 gold, 81 silver, and 87 bronze. 

Most known for their success in alpine skiing, figure skating, ski jumping, and luge, the country sure has a range of talents. Austria also hosted the games on two occasions, both in 1964 and 1974, for the Winter Olympics in the city of Innsbruck. 


Hosting the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 1976, 1988, and 2010, Canada is one of the top countries in the ranking for the most Winter Olympic medals. Winning a total of 199 medals thus far, this includes 73 gold medals, 64 silver, and 62 bronze. 

And during the 2010 Olympics in which they held the games, Canada finished atop the gold medal standings, for the first time ever. Beginning their appearances in 1924 until now, their strongest sports are ice hockey, freestyle skiing, and curling. Plus, in 2010, Ian Miller, an Equestrian show jumper, tied the record for most Olympic games participated in. 

Soviet Union

The Soviet Union is next on our list of the countries with the most winter Olympic medals. Participating in the Olympic Games since 1952, their most successful winter sports are cross country skiing with 25 gold medals, speed skating, with 24 gold medals, and figure skating, with 10 gold medals. 

The total Winter Olympic medals being 194, the Soviet Union takes the number six spot among the best winter winners. The team was ranked first in the gold medal count a number of seven times at the winter games. 


With 167 Winter Olympic medals to their name, Finland is another one of the top countries to ever play in the games. Competing in every Summer and Winter Olympic Games since 1908, Finland is much known for the Nordic skiing events, bringing home to most medals for such. 

With 43 gold medals, 63 silver, and 61 bronze, the country is one of the giants in the cross-country skiing sport, as well as ski jumping, speed skating, and Nordic combined. 


Next on the list of countries with the most winter Olympic medals is Sweden, with 158 total. The top sport for the country is cross-country skiing, with 31 gold medals, 25 silver, and 24 bronze. 

Speed skiing, alpine skiing, and and the biathlon are also some of the most prominent sports in the country during the Winter Olympics. They have also won a total of 292 Summer Olympic medals since the start of the games in 1896. 


Since the inaugural games of 1896, Switzerland has competed in every Summer and Winter Olympics Games in history. They also have hosted the Games in St. Mritz, both Winter Olympics, in 1928 and 1948. 

They have 153 medals to their name, which is very neck and neck to Sweden. This breaks down to 55 gold medals, 36 silver, and 52 bronze. Their most prominent wins have been in Alpine skiing, the bobsleigh, and snowboarding. 


Russia completes the list of the countries with the most winter Olympic medals, rounding off the 10th spot. First competing in the game during 1900, Russia had a bit of time where they did not compete for thirty years. 

Winning 427 Summer Olympic Game medals and 120 Winter medals, they have a total of 196 gold medals. Most known for their success in cross-country skiing, figure skating, and biathlon, the country's athleticism is prominent. However, there has been some controversy with the Olympic team, with allegations of drug use. 

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Countries With the Most Winter Olympic Medals
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