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Best Football Podcasts to Listen To Right Now

Football season is quickly approaching! Do you need to get caught up on the latest stats and news in the league? Here are the best football podcasts on iTunes right now.

Football season is right around the corner, and some of the best football podcasts are found on iTunes where both beginners and longtime fans can get their fix on everything there is to know about pro football, college football, fantasy football, and all the details in between. These expert hosts do their best to entertain as they discuss the game of football and the wide array of logistics, drama, and politics history that go on among this sport. Whether you want to hear about the top defenses in college football or the best shutdown cornerbacks, here are some of the best football podcasts and some information on what each can offer you.

NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

The Dave Dameshek Football Program is one of the best football podcasts, because Dave Dameshek is a football analyst and radio personality who talks about the game of football from the voice of a true fan. He is colorful, entertaining, and has no filter. He brings on players to add an expert opinion to his show and discusses the football ramble as well as sillier drama to add a lighter side to the politics of it all. People love his NFL podcast and how he discusses the football league. This is one of the best football podcasts for sports fans of American football who want to stay in the know all year long. 

Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks

Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks are both former NFL scouts, so together, they have created one of the best football podcasts. On their show, they discuss all the latest news around the pro football league. They bring on national executives and give a great perspective from a scout’s eye. For fans of the national team who are interested in the draft process and want to hear what draft day trades could and should from the experts themselves, this is one of the best football podcasts for you. 

Around the NFL

This podcast is run by NFL.com and their crew of experts—Gregg Rosenthal, Dan Hanzus, Marc Sessler, and Chris Wesseling. Together, these men run one of the best football podcasts as they discuss the ins and outs of the pro football league from suspensions to new contracts to games and all the politics and history. There is always football ramble to discuss, and these men cover all of it. Be sure to check this podcast out for all your national team information. 

The Ringer NFL Show

The Ringer NFL Show is one of the best football podcasts because it has multiple hosts such as Michael Lombardi, Robert Mays, Kevin Clark, and Danny Kelly who are all experts on the game of football. With this crew as well as guest show appearances that include ex-players and coaches, this NFL podcast is always entertaining and full of excellent information regarding American football and the superstars involved in the corporation and sport.

First Draft

First Draft is one of the best football podcasts if you are wanting to focus specifically on the draft of the national football league. The hosts of First Draft are experts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay. Together, they talk about the draft throughout the entire year and how teams have the potential to change depending on coaches’ decisions and player’s offers, fitness levels, etc.

NFL Live

NFL Live is one of the best football podcasts run by ESPN. This NFL podcast delivers the latest news and information on everything related to pro football, and it comes from the strongest source out there. Rankings, contracts, suspensions, protests—whatever it may be—ESPN will know about it first and bring it to your ears through this podcast.

Good Morning Football

This NFL podcast features NFL network’s hosts Kay Adams, Nate Burleson, Peter Schrager, and Kyle Brandt who are all experts on the game of football. Because this podcast has such a great crew, this is one of the best football podcasts out there. On this show, the team discusses preseason, the draft, details of the game, as well as what the players are doing off the field in their personal lives. This podcast provides a great entertaining mix for fans to stay involved in the football league year-round.

NFL Fantasy Live

Many sports fans who follow pro football and college football are also interested in fantasy football. If this is your thing, then this is the best football podcast for you. In this podcast, Marcas Grant, Alex Gelhar, James Koh, Matt Franciscovich, and Matt Harmon discuss everything there is to know about fantasy football. They go into in-depth analysis on the expert players and how they will perform in the coming seasons. They also look at statistics and videos to help listeners win their fantasy leagues at home. Also on this show, the hosts discuss pop culture and add humor to keep everyone entertained.

The NFL Films Podcast

This is one of the best football podcasts, because it provides an interesting take on the national football league. This podcast delves into the NFL films vault and discusses pro football with the people behind the cameras, such as expert Greg Cosell. So much of American football is about instant replay and the people watching from at home. This NFL podcast discusses the sport from that angle and gives exclusive interviews and conversation about the national league on a different playing field.

College Football Live

Lastly, as to not exclude college football on our list, one of the best football podcasts for college football is ESPN’s College Football Live. This podcast provides the latest news on everything there is to know about college football. Of course, college football does not include contracts or a draft, however, there is still plenty to discuss in the world of college football, and this podcast is a trusted source for any and everything you may need to know.

American football is an extremely popular sport, and we all want to stay up to date year-round on our favorite team and their progress. These podcasts will help you do just that! Head over to iTunes to download them today.

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Best Football Podcasts to Listen To Right Now
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