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Best Football Gear for Linebackers in 2018

Advancements in protective football gear have come a long way. Here is some of the best football gear for linebackers in 2018.

Photo by Felix Leo from Pexels

Whether you are an inside or outside linebacker on your school's JV team or watching some of the best NFL defenses, the important role a linebacker plays on defense requires just as much attention in the game as is does to prepare for the first and last hike. The equipment a linebacker chooses is critical for not only player safety, but comfortability as the position requires swiftness, versatility, and freedom to lay down a game-winning hard hit on the football field at all times. 

Choosing the gear though can be somewhat of a battle all its own. With hundreds of suppliers of football gear out there, knowing what gear is best for the greatest quarterbacks or shutdown cornerbacks comes down to various factors. Not to mention, from shoulder pads, football helmets, cleats, and everything in between, gear choices do not come down to just one thing. That is why we will highlight the best football gear for linebackers in 2018.

C1N MC Cleats by Under Armour

The UA Cam Highlight hi-top molded-cleats from Under Armour® feature an upper chrome synthetic build to give easy step-in comfort while also adding a form-fitting CompFit® ankle sleeve for hard hitting boosts and stability on the field. The integrated carbon fiber "wings" grab the grass on the football field to give your foot ultimate stability in any condition. Full-length Micro G® foam cushions helps with explosive takeoffs.  This cleat is extremely lightweight so you can decrease drag when coming off the line or planting for a tackle. It's perfect for any linebacker position, experience level, or shoe size.

Impulse Football Helmet by Rawlings

Your head is pretty important. With the Impulse Football Helmet by Rawlings, you can trust your dome will be protected from hard hits. This helmet features a high performance polycarbonate shell with Heat Exchange vents to allow for breathability and ventilation while in high heat or cold temperature games. The helmet has custom comfort cushions for extra head comfort while reading offenses and plotting your next move. Built with stainless steel hardware and durable facemark clips, the helmet is versatile for any football player. This helmet is NOCSAE approved which is needed for most football gear for linebackers.

C-TACK Football Gloves by Cutters

Every football player knows the value of their hands in a game. The Cutters C-TACK Revolution Football Gloves bring value, versatility, durability, and an amazing fit to any linebacker's hands. This glove features C-TACK Revolution Performance Grip Material, for improved fit. The X40 glove is the best combination of performance and durability, providing a strong and durable grip. This glove meets the latest NOCASE standard for 2018. Similar gloves are out there, however the C-TACK is the only glove where the grip is part of the actual material, creating a permanent, self-restoring grip, at all times. This ensures the highest level performance from sack to finish and is rated one of the best in football gear for linebackers.  

Sports Varsity Shoulder Pads by Schutt

When it comes to versatility, comfort, and sleek design for football shoulder pads, the Varsity HV HD pads Schutt the door on the competition. The high performance arch design helps to minimize weight of the actual shoulder pad, making the overall feeling of wearing a pad minimal. The pads feature raised corrugations for added strength and increased air flow to help keep players cool during the game. One key addition in the design is the sleekness of the pads themselves. This gives opposing players less to grab on to when a linebacker comes in for a hit.

Pro Combat Pants by Nike

Nike brings the heat to any linebacker's game with the these Pro Combat Hyperstrong 3/4 Pants. These pants have strategically-placed pads that fit seamlessly under any standard uniform pant. Specifically, the Nike® Hyperstrong 3.0 Hard Plate 3/4-Length Girdle is made with Dri-FIT® fabric and all-over mesh. This gives inside and outside linebackers a moisture expelling material to keep them cool and dry on the field. Integrated with reflex foam and hard plates in the areas linebackers receive the most hits to the body, these pants protect against extreme impact and force. 

Max Airflow Mouth Guard by Shock Doctor

Two things a linebacker does not want to hear: Shock and Doctor, unless you are referring the Shock Doctor Max Airflow Mouth Guard. One of the most critical forms of football gear for linebackers is the football mouth guard. This guard features a "no-mold" instant fit design with low profile bite pads, extended lip guard protection, and Maximum Airflow breathing channels for easy breathing while laying down hard hits on opposing players. The mouth guard comes with a $10,000 Dental Warranty and even works with braces. Made with medical grade silicone, it is easy to clean in boiling water or dishwasher with no deformation. This mouthguard can be used strapped-on or strapless. 

Athletic Supporter by Shock Doctor

Linebackers need to protect their jewels. Think of these as football shoulder pads but for the lower parts of your body. The Shock Doctor Athletic Supporter and Compression Shorts w/Athletic Cup helps do that. The synthetic core shorts features an X-Pocket Cup Retention System; whereby the cup is placed in a more natural position for a better overall fit. Built with a wicking four-way stretch fabric, these shorts give a freeing body movement feel while eliminating sweat. The dual mesh cup and comfort fit waistband also provides ventilation and comfort. The Bio-Flex Cup has a vented bio-shaped design to shield areas where protection is most crucial. 

Butterfly Restrictor Cowboy Collar by Douglas

What is a football collar? Well, good question! Linebackers often need neck protection and the Douglas Football Collar offers superior neck protection. This model, known as "The Cool One" gets its name because it does not trap heat like other football collars or neck rolls. These collars keep shoulder pads from shifting around during the game, because the collar is bolted right into the shoulder pads themselves. This collar is closer to the helmet than other common collars sold online and typically one size fits all from youth to adult. This restrictor is must have football gear for linebackers.

Non Slip Socks by APEX

Socks are critical to any linebacker position. These socks are made with gripping technology where the sock itself bonds to your foot and the shoes with pads both inside and outside of the sock. Similar to other sports style socks on the market, the Traction Technology gives a slight edge against other athletic socks because of the inside and outside grip features. 

PRIZM Visor by EliteTek

One common oversight in linebacker equipment is a visor. Not all players want or will need a visor, but for some linebackers, visors are critical on the football field when talking football equipment must haves. The EliteTek PRIZM Eye-Shield Facemark Visor features an anti-fog and scratch/impact resistant layer to reduce visibility issues. These visors have a clear and color tint (at 60%) with a wide range of reflection spectrums. The optical poly carbonate material blocks harmful UV/Blue light and helps to eliminate glare and light intensity. These visors help players who require a more clear picture of what's on the football field at all times.

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Best Football Gear for Linebackers in 2018
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