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Best Football Gear & Training Equipment for Quarterbacks in 2018

With access to new technology and improved training methods, quarterbacks have better opportunities to improve their craft more than ever before. Check out some of the best football gear & training equipment for quarterbacks to see how you can be ready for game day.

Photo by Pixabay, sourced from Pexels.com

For a quarterback to compete at a high level, it can be beneficial for them to invest in the best football gear & training equipment for their position. Being the most popular position in football, it can be difficult to earn it on the team. That's why existing or prospective quarterbacks should check out the training equipment and tools necessary to help them excel in this position. We've compiled a list of the best football gear & training equipment for quarterbacks to help them achieve success at this difficult, yet rewarding position.

QB Trainer by SKLZ

This QB trainer by SKLZ serves as a multi-functional passing tool to help quarterbacks practice their precision throwing. It helps quarterbacks hit three primary throws to their receivers: over their shoulders, their chest, and lob passes over the top of defenses. Successful passes through the designated spots zones or in the top lead to the trainer gathering the ball, while bad passes are instantly rejected, providing a feedback system to the QB. SKLZ's QB trainer has a steel frame and heavy duty net, allowing it to take even the hardest of passes. Its wheels allow it to be easily transported around the field while the entire unit is able to hold down and into a storage bag for easy storage.

8' x 8' QB Trainer by GoSports

GoSports' 8' x 8' QB trainer provides a more lightweight, budget alternative than the SKLZ trainer that we just reviewed. Its' made of high density polyester netting so it is still able to withstand punishment from hard throws and repeated use. It's quick to set up and take down and can be done in as a little as 60 seconds. Metal spikes ensure that it stays in the ground during practice and is additionally aided by extended legs. This QB trainer is perfect for solo practice or on the weekend when you are just looking to get a little bit more in without somebody to throw to.

Tripod Trainer by QB TEE

This QB tee tripod trainer serves as a perfect way for quarterbacks to take snaps. It's the perfect football training equipment for small scrimmages where the snapper isn't present. There is an automatic timer that begins when the QB removes the football from the tee, giving information on how long the QB is holding onto the ball before release. Its great for improving speed after the snap to encourage quicker decision making by quarterbacks. 

Resistance Speed Chute by Unlimited Potential

Speed chutes have long been used across a variety of sports as a form of resistance training when running. Their primary purpose is to increase explosive speed and power. A well rounded training regimen for a quarterback could benefit from the use of these. A variety of in-game situations can occur where a quarterback might need explosive speed—such as scrambling for a few yards or trying to escape the grasp of a defender. 

Speed and Agility Ladder by GOLME

Agility ladders are among the best football & training gear for quarterbacks available. They are simple yet effective in helping quarterbacks with a variety of speed drills, some of which can be used to mimic real plays that would happen in-game. This particular agility ladder can be set up instantly and is available in three different sizes. Stakes are included to ensure it stays stable on the ground while a bag can be used for easy storage. Printed on the bag are over a dozen different foot patterns that can be used and mixed, giving way to hundreds of different routines. QBs need speed and agility at all levels in order to compete effectively.

Agility Ladder by REEHUT

REEHUT has a slightly different speed ladder to accompany quarterbacks with their agility training. It is available in three different sizes of either 8, 12, or 20 rungs. The distance between each ring is also adjustable, with the standard being 15". For additional ideas for training, they've included a 15 page e-book for specific drills. For quarterbacks in particular, quick footwork can be all the difference between hitting their target for a touchdown or getting sacked. Being able to re-position oneself when out of the pocket means being able to make the best throw possible. 

Passback Football by Passback Sports

This composite made football is perfect for the practicing QB who needs to get reps in when no there's nobody to throw to. Simply throw it at a hard surface and it will come spiraling back to you. It is an official size replica of throwing a real football, making it one of the best footballs to practice with. Whereas QB trainers are perfect if you want to practice precision and have a few footballs, a passback football can be useful if you have a hard wall and need to get reps down for form. Consider using a passback football as a training aid to get in supplemental reps in the evening or on weekends in order to build up arm strength. 

QB Playbook Wristband by WristCoaches

Not all football gear & training equipment for quarterbacks are physical—some are used to help with mental aspects of the game as well. A playbook wristband is almost a necessity in football these days with the complexity and number of plays on the rise. A wristband is great for helping quarterbacks jog their memory during practice and games to decide on which play is best for a given situation. The easiest way to take advantage of a playbook wrist band is to write up to 8 plays on 3" x 5" index card and insert them into the wrist band. 

QB / WR Shoulder Pads by Schutt

Safety is an important aspect of football to ensure longevity and prevent injury. One of the most important pieces of football gear & training equipment for quarterbacks is a solid set of shoulder protection. These are perfect for players in high school or college who are looking for something more than the standard issued gear. Schutt's heavy duty shoulder pads are made of high density EVA foam which ensure greater impact absorption. Quarterbacks will be at peace of mind knowing their shoulders are protected resulting in sustained long term performance.

All Purpose Football Glove by Cutters

It is not only wide receivers or running backs who need a good grip on the ball.  Every play, a quarterback is first snapped the ball and has to maintain control of it before finding a target and releasing the ball. A good pair of gloves can go a long way towards improved performance as well as comfort during inclement weather. Whether you prefer to wear them all the time, only on your non-throwing hand, or just during rain or snow, having a good pair of go-to gloves around when necessary is always good. These gloves are well ventilated and compressed neoprene on the back on the back of the hand and fingers adds increased comfort, flexibility, and protection.

Today's quarterback has to train harder and smarter than ever before.

The best football gear & training equipment for quarterbacks will go a long way towards improving the odds of success and preventing injury. A well rounded quarterback needs a variety of equipment to practice different aspects of the game—like QB trainers and agility ladders. Meanwhile, the right set of shoulder pads or gloves will help keep the QB in the game for years to come by preventing injury. Then they can make the best shutdown comebacks of all time. Be sure to consider the best football gear & training equipment before the start of your next season.

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Best Football Gear & Training Equipment for Quarterbacks in 2018
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