William Ricks

I am a journalist who loves to write about sports. I write about music and other things, but sports are my first love. I love to inject facts and humor into my writing. I love to share my stories with the world and I hope you enjoy mine!!

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Should Le'Veon Bell Play This Season?
3 months ago
Le'Veon Bell is pushing against the deadline when it comes to him playing this season. He has until next November 13th to report to his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers or he forfeits his season. Bell has been the story of the NFL season with his continued holdout from the team. He has refused to sign his franchise tag, and now has lost out on 8.52$ million in earnings this season The Steelers have found their mojo, and it seems like life is fine in the world of Le'Veon Bell. Should he even come ba...
What's Wrong with the LA Lakers?
3 months ago
The Los Angeles Lakers haven't been the team everyone expected them to be ten games into the new season. After signing LeBron James in the offseason along with a number of veterans, the Lakers are sit...