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I am a journalist who loves to write about sports. I write about music and other things, but sports are my first love. I love to inject facts and humor into my writing. I love to share my stories with the world and I hope you enjoy mine!!

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Despite Win, New Orleans Pelicans, Anthony Davis' Situation Will Be Awkward Remainder of the Season
7 days ago
The New Orleans Pelicans didn't trade Anthony Davis. Despite his public trade request, New Orleans decided to keep the All-NBA big man, and he played in his first game since that request Friday night ...
The New York Knicks Won Their Trade with the Mavericks
10 days ago
Last week, the Knicks gave the NBA a shock as they traded away their forward Kristaps Porzingis to the Mavericks. Many Knick fans scratched their heads as to why they would make such a move, especiall...
The NBA Has Taken Over the NFL's Biggest Week
14 days ago
What was supposed to be the NFL's biggest week has felt like it's been pushed to the B-block of many sports news, TV shows, and to the shorter column in the newspapers. In fact, it is probably accurat...
The Lakers Can Be the Next Super Team in the NBA
17 days ago
The Los Angeles Lakers are at an interesting spot in their season. With the trade deadline approaching, they have been one of the teams experts and fans have been talking about possibly making moves b...
The Toronto Raptors Should Be the Team to Beat in the NBA
2 months ago
The Toronto Raptors were slated to be a playoff team this season, but nobody expected them to become this good, this early. The Raptors are a team that looks unstoppable, as they have the best record in the NBA and are looking like the team to beat in the NBA. After what many consider a drama-filled offseason, the Raptors have seemed to leave all that behind and focus solely on basketball.
Andrew Luck for Comeback Player of the Year?
3 months ago
Many experts and fans didn't know coming into the 2018 season how Colts QB Andrew Luck would fare this season. After missing the entire 2017 season due to shoulder surgery in his throwing shoulder, there were a lot of murmurs wondering if he will be the same QB again. Luck reassured fans and experts that he will come back better than he was, and his actions are reflecting that statement. Luck has once again threw the Colts into playoff contention, and it's safe to say that he should win the come...