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Predictions: New Orleans Pelicans
7 months ago
The Pelicans have already established themselves as a playoff contending team, but the question is, how far can they go? I think one of the biggest questions is how losing DeMarcus Cousins will affect...
Lakers v. Celtics
7 months ago
With LeBron going to LA and Boston dominating the East, will we have a classic NBA Finals matchup between the Lakers and Celtics? Before we address this issue, we gotta consider the fact that the Warr...
All-Star Guards
7 months ago
It’s no question that the West is packed this year. The real question is though, who will make the All-Star team? The West is jammed pack full of talented guards and obviously, there are gonna be a fe...
Manu Ginobili: Hall of Fame?
8 months ago
So Manu Ginobili just announced his retirement the other day and NBA fans everywhere are crying. Even my sister texted me saying, “Noooooooo. He’s supposed to play until he’s 100 at least,” followed b...
Donovan Mitchell vs. Ben Simmons
8 months ago
I love basketball. Basketball has been a huge part of my life growing up, and I love to express my opinion on the NBA. I constantly see posts on social media about the NBA and people’s opinions on the...