Shandon Pendleton

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Where Is Jimmy Butler Going?
5 days ago
Where is Jimmy Butler going? There has been a lot of off-season drama in Minnesota locker room, with most of it focused on Jimmy Butler. So, what has happened? About a month ago, Butler requested a tr...
NBA Northwest Division Predictions
23 days ago
The Northwest was arguably the best division in the NBA last year, with 4 out of 5 teams making the playoffs and the 5th team just barely missing the mark. Each team is impressive, but are they as goo...
NBA Southwest Division Predictions
25 days ago
The Southwest Division usually brings us some of the best basketball the past decade, especially from the 3 Texas teams. Will they keep it up this year or are they going to fall?
NBA Pacific Division Predictions
a month ago
This division is led by two former champions. The Warriors and LeBron James. No question that this division is gonna be one of the best… well… kind of. And no question that we are gonna see one of the...
NBA Southeast Division Predictions
a month ago
Last year, the Southeast didn't give us the best competition in the league. Only two teams made the playoffs last year but they were ousted in the first round and the rest of the division gave us some...
NBA Central Division Predictions
a month ago
Last year, a team from the Central Division were the Eastern Conference champions, but with LeBron gone, that seems very unlikely. However, some of these teams show a lot of promise. So, how far are t...