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How Kids Lose When Everyone Gets a Trophy
a year ago
It has come to my attention that children playing sports today get too many trophies. From what I've seen, most children have more trophies than I have socks. I wonder who exactly this serves. Unlike ...
John Jay’s Amanda Gisonni Let’s Others do the Talking - Especially Her Uncle
a year ago
About seven years ago on Easter, I suddenly learned my niece Amanda was something of a natural as a pitcher. Dinner finished, we all went to a nearby park and got a look at the 10 year old prodigy. No...
GPS Wrestling in Armonk Is Ready to Roll Out Its Preseason Program
a year ago
Wrestling takes tremendous commitment, and coaches love kids who are always ready to throw down. On the other hand, overdoing the commitment can induce a burn that leaves mat progress on the outs. “So...
Former Somers Pitcher Provides Bio-Mechanical Clinic to Keep Young Arms Healthy
a year ago
Even though former Somers High School standout pitcher Dan Zlotnick believes the premium on velocity has undone many major league pitchers, he’s all for elevating the mercury at home plate. He just kn...
My Five Most Painful New York Sports Minutes
a year ago
The pain hasn't gone away.
Hate the Red Sox? This Yankee Fan Doesn’t Understand
a year ago
I began watching baseball in 1973 and simply followed my lineage in adopting the Yankees as my team at the age of nine. Flirting with first place briefly that year, three Bobby Murcer home runs deposi...